Jonathan’s Bagels in Chicago

jonathans bagels chicago chitribe

Jonathan’s Bagels in Chicago are homemade and delicious! His TikTok showcases all his bagel creations, and we just had to share. New York transplant Jonathan Sessa is the owner and creator behind Jonathan’s Bagels in Chicago. Learn more about Jonathan’s Bagels on Instagram.

jonathans bagels chicago chitribe

Where are you from?

New York City born and raised.

What did you do Jewish growing up?

Not to flex too much, but I was the president of my synagogue’s youth group when I was in high school…

What do you do for fun?

Well, pre (and hopefully post) COVID I performed comedy all over Chicago. Other than that, I play a few instruments; I love to cook; I love film and art; but above all else, I love to nap.

How do you stay motivated during the Pandemic?

I gotta make deadlines for myself, otherwise woof, forget it, I’d never get anything done! That said, not sure I’ve stayed super motivated during the pandemic tbh.

What does Jewish food mean to you?

jonathans bagels chitribe

Home. Jewish food, like all food really, at its best should transport you back somewhere. For me, that place is often my grandparents’ kitchen.

What is your favorite Jewish spot for food in Chicago?

Steingolds by far! I haven’t lived in Chicago too long, so I’m hoping to explore more spots as the world starts to open up again. Please feel free to hit me up with suggestions!

Where are the best bagels in the country?

Although I have traveled very little in my life, I can say with complete confidence they’re in New York City. I’m very, very bad at picking a favorite, but there’s no shortage of great bagels all over New York.

jonathans bagels chicago chitribe

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