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Local Jewish chef Jessica Williams is just starting out her business and has lots of latkes for Chicago to savor. If you need to order homemade latkes for any Chanukah event, Jessica is your lady! Orders can be placed via email to Follow what Chef Jessica is up to on Instagram @schmaltz.vinegar. Find all the Hanukkah events in Chicago on the Chanukkah Guide>>

Latke Menu

Plain ($10.5 half/$21 dozen)

Everything Spice ($11 half/$22 dozen)

Spinach feta ($12 half/ $24 dozen)

Dessert “latkes”

Chocolate ($12/dozen)

Peanut butterscotch ($12/dozen)

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Where are you from?

I am from Skokie.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Niles North High School, then the Culinary Institute of America and finally I got my bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from Roosevelt University. 

What did you do Jewish growing up?

I went to Temple Beth Israel in Skokie, summer camp at OSRUI, and my family always cooked together for the Jewish holidays.

What do you do Jewish now?

My family always gets together for the holidays and I cook a lot of Jewish foods. 

What is your favorite Jewish holiday food?

That’s a hard one! Obviously latkes… but I love a good kugel, hamentashen are always good, and there is nothing better than matzo brei at Passover.

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What does Jewish food mean to you?

It is really my connection to my heritage, my family, and the Jewish community.

Tell us more about your new business!

I am in the beginning stages, kinda testing the waters. But it’s Jewish American food with a unique twist. 

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Right now I am doing three varieties of latkes: plain, everything spice, and spinach feta. I have also just added dessert “latkes” that are either chocolate or peanut butterscotch ($12/dozen).

Orders can be placed via email to

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