Chicago’s Five Best Matzo Ball Soup

Searching for the best matzo ball soup in Chicago? You’ve come to the right place! ChiTribe is here to share the 5 best places to get delicious matzo ball soup in the city. Check out our list including The Goddess and Grocer, Steingold’s, Frances’ Deli and Bakery, Manny’s, and RYE. These are our top picks, read more about where to find the best Matzo Ball Soup in Chicago.

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The Goddess and the Grocer | $7 Matzo Ball Soup

The Goddess and the Grocer has multiple locations and a special Passover menu for the holiday – that means they know their matzo ball soup. The Passover menu is available until April 23. To order email Check out their menu>>

Steingolds of Chicago | $8 Matzo Ball Soup


At their core, Steingold’s is a Jewish deli located in Southport Avenue in Chicago. Head on over to their online menu and order a delicious bowl of Matzo ball soup and anything passover foods. Available until April 24th. Check out the menu here>>

Read more about Steingold’s Owner, Aaron Steingold>>

Frances’ Deli and Bakery | $6 Matzo Ball Soup

Frances’s Deli & Bakery

Located on North Park Street in Chicago, Frances’ Deli and Bakery offers a variety of delicious Jewish delicacies including a steaming bowl of Matzo Ball Soup! Check out their menu>>

Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen | $6 Matzo Ball Soup

Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen

Next time you are on South Jefferson Street, make sure to check out Manny’s! This classic diner is one of the best Deli’s in the area, known for their delicious one-of-a-kind Matzo Ball Soup! Check out their menu>>

RYE Deli and Drinks | $13 Matzo Ball Soup


If you like Midwestern Euro Japanese Jewish Style Cuisine, then RYE is the place for you. RYE is located on Halsted Street and is known for their amazing catering and handmade bagels, as well as their hearty Matzo Ball Soup! Check out their menu>>

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Talia Kramer

Talia Kramer