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Meet Shaily Hakimian, Your Social Media Sherpa

Where are you from?

I am from Lincolnshire/ Long Grove and I went to Stevenson High School

What did you do Jewish growing up?

The most Jewish thing I did growing up was to attend school at Solomon Jewish Day School. I have a vivid memory of being asked “What kind of Jew are you?” by another Schechter student. I remember being confused about what the answer to that question was. This has turned into a lifelong journey for me to realize that because my parents are immigrants, my dad from Iran, and my mom from Morocco, the way that I grew up being Jewish is very different than my American peers. As a first-gen Jew in this country, my Judaism had never been Americanized.

What do you do for fun? 

My weird, unique, unusual hobby is playing online and in-person versions of the reality show Big Brother and survivor. I sometimes go extreme camping in the woods for these competitions, which is something that people don’t expect from me. I do I also love seeing stand-up comedy. I used to be a hospital magician for three years through a charity in Chicago.

When did you start your business?

Officially I have been running my company, Shaily Hakimian: Your Social Media Sherpa, for five years ago now. I started more formally shifting my energies over time to teaching social media rather than focusing on social media administration and content creation. Some people call this strategy but I don’t love that word. I love motivating people and encouraging people. Teaching social media brings me joy and helps other people run their businesses.

Where is your business located? 

My business is located in Chicago, but it serves people all over the United States. Actually one of my clients is currently in Canada, so my company is now officially international! You can learn more about Shaily’s business on the website>>

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What products/services does your business offer?

The biggest and most classic service I offer is consulting coaching for my clients. My clients go from lost and confused about their business to feeling really empowered and authentic about what they’re going to do next. One of the services I offer is backend support for my clients who are hosting online events. I’ve been doing LinkedIn motivational workshops, which are about adopting bigger goals and helping young women talk about what makes them special.

How have you stayed motivated during the Pandemic?

Honestly, the pandemic is tricky. I used to spend a lot of time working on events and attending events before the pandemic. All that time I used to spend stopped and now I spend my time on my computer preparing and working and getting stuff done. This has allowed me to prioritize where I’m spending my energy. Also, I had someone who helped me make a sort of a vision board but like helped me figure out what my goals are in my life and put them down on paper, so I am constantly reminded of what I’m trying to achieve.

What are your goals for your business?

I love that I get to work with a handful of amazing people and get to cheer them on and help them believe in themselves. If I can continue to do that with some amazing individuals or some companies, I would absolutely love that. One of my other business goals is to empower women, especially young women, and help them communicate about what makes them special.

How do we order your products?

You can order my products on my website. You can buy some items right away or you can sign up to have a call with me. If anybody does want to work with me, check out my FAQ section. Check out my resource for more insight. I have tons of videos, blogs on YouTube on my website.

When the Tribe Gathers…I feel at home.

Visit Shaily’s Website to Learn More>>

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