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ChiTribe App

New Year: New App

The ChiTribe App is now available to download FOR FREE on Apple and Android

This app allows users to view posts, events, and save events all from their mobile device. This brings all the site’s best features to a mobile app for your convenience. ChiTribe was founded with the goal of making Chicago Jewish life more transparent and accessible to a modern Jewish community. ChiTribe functions as a resource to connect young Jewish people with communities, events, and organizations that fit their interests. By aggregating and streamlining all things Jewish via central calendar and location, ChiTribe bridges the gap between those looking for a community and the communities looking for them.

This app allows users to view events and other posts to stay updated with ChiTribe. Users can also save these events, bringing our website into a fully functioning app. Welcome to ChiTribe’s new app!

Go App or Go Home

The ChiTribe app was developed by Nicholas Lee, ChiTribe Computer Science Intern extraordinaire throughout the summer of 2022. ChiTribe strives to be a tech-based organization, parsing events, and scraping content to aggregate all of Jewish Chicago – AUTOMATICALLY. Tech makes grassroots not-for-profits like ChiTribe stand out. We pride ourselves on being a Jewish organization that centers around our online calendar, and now you can download the app easily on your phone and stay connected with just one click.

Any company worth its salt will strive to make their brand work for them. A mobile app presents a unique possibility to create an incredibly memorable and powerful brand image through the app’s design and icon. It can be bright, explosive, informative, minimalistic. But most importantly, it can be effectively descriptive of the company, its general values and focus.

Just in time for the New Year 5783

Make this new year even sweeter by downloading the ChiTribe App on Apple and Android! Stay connected in 5783 with only one click.

Download the ChiTribe App Now – Available on Apple and Android

More About ChiTribe App Developer Nicholas Lee

nicholas lee chitribe

Nicholas Lee is a Sophomore pursuing a major in computer science at the University of Chicago. He is originally from Seattle, Washington. Huge shout out to Nicholas for changing the game during his internship in Summer 2022. Throughout the summer, Nicholas updated the ChiTribe website to a new theme, implemented a filterable Jewish guide of Chicago, and added a filter option to the entire calendar. Now you can search events in Jewish Chicago by category and organization. Nicholas is responsible for all ChiTribe website updates, and all ChiTribe app-related developments. We owe him a huge thank you and are so proud of all of his hard work. Thanks for making a difference in the Jewish community!

Download the ChiTribe App Now – Available on Apple and Android

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Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca creates best practices and executes marketing campaigns for Jewish organizations who are trying to reach the next generation of the Jewish community - specifically Millennials and Gen Z - through digital marketing, social media, online and in-person events.