JCUA’s 5783 Book Recommendations


As we work toward positive change within ourselves and our communities in 5783, we know that great books — about organizing, Judaism, and Chicago — can fuel our growth. What book would you recommend for members of the JCUA community? Please let us know!

Recommendations from JCUA members and staff:

The Jewish calendar allows us to mark time in ways that are powerful and joyful. We look forward to stepping back, spending time with our friends and families, and reconnecting with our deeper goals and purpose. We will return with renewed energy and commitment to co-create a Chicago and Illinois where everyone can flourish. JCUA’s power comes from our people. We are so grateful for the time and intention you continue to dedicate to our collective endeavor. As we find ourselves at a critical political juncture, we need all of us in the work. We are excited and prepared for the fights, campaigns, and challenges ahead, moving us closer — as we recite throughout the Days of Awe — to “a world where justice and righteousness prevail.” May the call of the shofar in 5783 awaken and inspire us. We are honored to be in community with you. L’Shana Tova U’metuka, with best wishes for a happy and sweet new year, 

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