Chicago’s First Jewish Pickleball League

Introducing Chicago’s All-Jewish Pickleball League

ChiTribe, in collaboration with Players Sports and Social Group, is thrilled to announce the inception of Chicago’s first-ever all-Jewish Pickleball league in June 2023. This pioneering initiative marks the first Pickleball league in Chicago catered exclusively for the Jewish community. The overwhelming response and active participation have solidified this league as an integral part of Jewish life in Chicago, encouraging interest among other local organizations.

Expanding Influence: Embrace the Rise of Pickleball

Inspired by the success and community impact of our league, other organizations, such as Anshe Emet Young Adult Division (YAD), are planning to establish similar initiatives. As our outdoor league concludes in August, Anshe Emet is already preparing to launch their league. We anticipate that organizations like JUF and others will soon adopt Pickleball as an excellent avenue for engaging their constituents.  

Ignite Your Passion for Pickleball

Are you a part of the Pickleball movement? Whether you’re an experienced player or just discovering the sport, the all-Jewish Pickleball league provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with your Jewish community while enjoying an engaging, physical activity. We encourage all members of the Jewish community to join, foster new friendships, and contribute to this landmark venture. With the resounding success of the Pickleball league, ChiTribe eagerly anticipates introducing more sports-focused initiatives within the Jewish community. Join us, leave your mark, and let’s elevate our community engagement to unprecedented heights together!

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Sam Rosen

Sam Rosen

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