ChiTribe Opens the Door to More 30s and 40s Programming

ChiTribe Includes Jewish Adults in their 30s and 40s

ChiTribe is expanding to meet the needs of Jews in their 30s and 40s in Chicago who often go overlooked. This is an important demographic as people settle down later, and just because you turn 35 does not mean a Jewish life should be off limits. Many organizations have strict age cut offs for their young adult programming. For example, young family programming are of course open to 30s and 40s, but only if they have children. The Jewish community is not creating enough opportunities for Jewish life past 35 if you do not fit into the category of young family. ChiTribe wants to solve this problem by connecting more Jewish adults in their 30s and 40s now more than ever before, by providing community, AND helping other Jewish organizations to better support the needs of this age group.

How is ChiTribe responding to this important gap in the community?

The answer is with enthusiasm, intention, and a new staff member.  Introducing ChiTribe’s newest employee Adam Rowe, the 30s & 40s Expansion Manager for ChiTribe. Adam is a proud 41-year-old graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Culturally Jewish, he enjoys the companionship of his best canine friend, Clementine, who, despite being a significant part of his life, is not YET recognized by the IRS as a dependent. Adam is actively involved in three Jewish communal prayer organizations, two based in Chicago and one in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. He is a member of this demographic navigating Jewish life in a post 40s world. 

As part of this new role, beginning in September of 2023, Adam has launched a survey to ask 30s and 40s what they want to see targeting our email subscribers in their 30s and 40s. This survey was inspired by a 2020 population study by the Jewish United Fund in Chicago, which revealed significant trends in the Jewish community. The study indicated a strong, growing, and evolving Jewish Chicago, highlighting that 44% of Jewish households were not affiliated with any religious community. The study also noted an increase in engagement with religious spaces by 14% of Jewish adults during the COVID pandemic, while 26% decreased their participation. A notable finding was the less communal engagement among single Jewish adults aged 40 to 69.

The survey conducted by ChiTribe in the fall of 2023 involved over 100 Jewish adults in their 30s and 40s. The results indicated a difficulty in feeling engaged and connected within the Chicago Jewish Community, with many events seemingly geared towards Gen Z. The respondents expressed a desire for more diverse events, moving beyond alcohol-focused gatherings to include a wider range of activities.

ChiTribe, an organization focused on Jewish adults aged 22 to 49 in the Greater Chicago area, serves a diverse community, including those who are single by choice. The organization aims to connect young Jewish individuals with events and organizations aligning with their interests. Through its central calendar, ChiTribe bridges the gap between individuals seeking community and the communities seeking them, envisioning a Jewish Chicago where everyone feels empowered and has access to an authentic Jewish life.

Today, ChiTribe operates as a digital marketing business, aiming to assist organizations in inviting Jewish adults to various programs. ChiTribe offers many co-sponsorship opportunities for events and consulting services to provide advice on the types of programming that would best appeal to their audience. ChiTribe encourages exploring innovative event ideas, such as game nights or exploring Chicago landmarks.

For further information or to share ideas, Adam Rowe welcomes contact via email at

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Adam Rowe

Adam Rowe