The ChiTribe Story for Giving

ChiTribe Story for Giving

ATTN JEWISH CHICAGO: We need your help to continue the ChiTribe story. We are looking for angel donors to help make this organization sustainable. We will not be able to keep our doors open past August 2024 without $250,000.

ChiTribe is at the forefront of redefining what Jewish life looks like in Chicago. Our mission is to create a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates Jewish culture, traditions, and innovation. ChiTribe is central. We are accessible. And we are vital to the Jewish life in Chicagoland. But we cannot do this alone. We need your help to ensure that ChiTribe not only continues but thrives.

ChiTribe Contributes to the Chicago Community

In this video, members of the community highlight the contributions that ChiTribe has made for their lives and for the community. This is the ChiTribe story. ChiTribe has provided members of the Jewish community with valuable connections and opportunities. Help us keep ChiTribe alive and donate today.

Video by Screenwriter and Director, Sophie Cohn of Mad Century Films & Music by Jonathan Rogin. They met and started dating at ChiTribe too. Find Sophie on LinkedIn

At ChiTribe, we are more dedicated than ever to ensuring our sustainability and continuing our vital work within the Jewish community in Chicago. Every day, we are reminded of the significant impact our efforts have made—simplifying access to Jewish life in Chicagoland through our comprehensive central calendar, easy-to-navigate website, the innovative ChiTribe App, and informative weekly emails.

“I was new to the city and anxious about making connections. ChiTribe not only provided a calendar full of events but also a welcoming community. Through ChiTribe, I’ve met my closest friends and feel truly integrated into Chicago’s Jewish life.”

-Ellie S.

A Look Back at ChiTribe Over the Years

By the Numbers:

  • 200,000K annual impressions through the ChiTribe website
  • 5,000 participants engaged each year in accessible ChiTribe programming
  • Over 20 unique programs a year (in the city and suburbs)
  • 1,200+ events hosted annually on our calendar from over 100 Jewish organizations across Illinois.

“Finding community and Jewish connections in the suburbs has always been a challenge. ChiTribe’s efforts to expand and implement new programs locally mean the world to those of us looking for meaningful engagement without the commute.”

– Aaron T.

Donate to ChiTribe Now

$180.00 provides One month of email marketing services

$500.00 provides Website operations and app development

$1,500.00 provides ChiTribe Intern Stipend

$2,500.00 provides Keeping Happy Hours $5 with Food

$5,000.00 provides Shabbat Clusters

$10,000.00 provides Suburban Expansion

$25,000.00 provides ChiTribe Full Time Staff Salary

$50,000.00 provides Angel Donor – Keep ChiTribe Open

Find all the events on the ChiTribe Calendar

Ava Liphardt

Ava Liphardt