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Jewish June Pride Guide chitribe

Pride for Jewish June

June 2022 is full of Jewish LGBTQ+ Events Find all the LGBTQ+ events for Jews this June in one place. Find all the other events happening this summer on the ChiTribe calendar. Join ChiTribe on June 21st on the Rooftop of Joy District from 5-8pm for June Happy Hour. PRIDE

American Birthright Comes to Chicago

Birthright America has been hailed as one of the most Thought-provoking films for American Jews – is coming to Chicago on May 22! American Birthright will make any viewer question what it means to be of any religious background and on a broader level – what it means to be

base hillel chitribe

Talmud for the People with Rabbi Sarah

Torah as a radical act. What happens to Judaism – and to us – when we break that ancient conversation wide open can be truly radical. Growing up, an interfaith, secular-leaning Jewish kid from Utah, I was reasonably active in my local Jewish community, but I had never heard the

joanie leeds chitribe

Meet Jewish Person of the Week Joanie Leeds

Introducing the talented Joanie Leeds – visiting Jewish Person of the Week. Calling all Young Families in the Chicagoland area: Joanie Leeds, the grammy-winning children’s artist, is coming to Har Zion on Sunday, May 1. Learn more about this event here. Joanie Leeds is originally from Miami, Florida. She teaches

Order In for Passover 2022

Passover Dinners Made Easy this Passover 2022 Here is our round of Jewish Eats for Passover Chicago edition. Learn more about all the amazing options for an easy and delicious AND meaningful Passover made delicious. ChiTribe Jewish Eats Passover Feature: Zeitlin’s Deli Catering Options Do Not Passover Chicago’s Newest Jewish Deli:

zeitlins deli banner passover chitribe

Passover Catered by Zeitlin’s Deli in Chicago

Do Not Passover Chicago’s Newest Jewish Deli: Zeitlin’s Modern Jewish food and deli classics you’ve been waiting for. Authentic and innovative recipes inspired by Chicago, baked for all! Zeitlin’s Deli Passover is only a couple of weeks away and now is your chance to cater your Passover with Zeitlin’s Delicatessen.

Danielle Solzman ChiTribe

Meet Jewish Person of the Week Danielle Solzman

Meet Jewish Person of the week Danielle Solzman, originally from Louisville, Kentucky. Danielle is a film/television critic and who writes for her own site Solzy at the Movies. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. What did you do Jewish growing up? I grew up in

Purim guide 2022 chitribe

Purim Guide 2022

Purim Guide 2022 is finally here: Chicago Edition. Find all the events, shpiels, costume contests, and megillah readings across Chicago this year. Remember the last in-person Purim back in 2020? Time for in-person Purim parties to drown out the last two years. Stay tuned for more events being added. When