Author: Rebecca Schwab

Chicago Jews Stand Against Hate

CHICAGO: Together We Are Stronger than Hate.  Solidarity in Chicago starts with communication and all the information all in one place. Yesterday, there was an attempted attack on a local synagogue. Today, we stand together. Chicago police boosting presence at

Authentic Hummus in Chicago: LaShuk

There’s hummus, and there’s authentic hummus. I couldn’t find anything that reminded me of the flavor, texture and taste I missed from home. Therefore, I made it my mission to create the best hummus I can and bring it to the


ChiTribe L’Dor V’Dor Shabbat @Selfhelp Home

Join ChiTribe for a special Shabbat at the Selfhelp Home! ChiTribe is bringing 15 guests to The Selfhelp Home, a north-side Jewish retirement community, for Shabbat dinner Friday, May 17th. You’ll be able to celebrate the Shabbat with great food, great

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Jewish Eats: Chicago May 2019

ChiTribe has the scoop on all the Jewish Eats in Chicago this May 2019 Make May Delicious.    Zingerman’s Pop Up Calling all U of M Grads! May 19th-May 20th Deli Deliciousness from MI The Daily Ruin Click For More>>

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Chicago Responds To Poway Tragedy United

Visit this page to find how Chicago Responds to the Poway Tragedy United. More events will be announced, stay tuned.  The Chicago community is heartbroken and pained by the attack that took place this past Saturday, the last day of Pesach,

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Camp Is Worth Cancelling Your Plans

That One Time At Jew Camp… Camp Is ALWAYS Worth Cancelling Your Plans For! ChiTribe learns more about Trybal Gatherings Wisconsin from the campers themselves. Maybe you’ve heard of Trybal Gatherings, the hip org that reimagines Jewish festivities in a modern

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2019 Chicago Afikoman Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Find the Afikoman in Chicago – Scavenger Hunt for Adults  Follow @YourChiTribe on Instagram to Win! All week on Instastory @YourChiTribe is giving you clues to win some big kid prizes for find OUR Afikoman during your lunch break. Post about it

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Passover: Your 7 Day Gluten Free Trial

Passover: Your 7 Day Gluten Free Trial Well…Almost By: Rachel Gold Nowadays you probably know someone who eats a “gluten free diet.” Many times when I say I’m gluten free, people respond with “ugh that sounds so hard,” or “I

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Eight Beers to Break Passover With

Chicago has AMAZING Breweries: Eight Beers to Break Passover With by Jaclyn Nagel Depending on your diet, the eight days of Passover can seem a little like wandering in a (food) desert for 40 years: no bread, no pasta, and definitely,