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ChiTribe Shabbat

ChiTribe Shabbat

ChiTribe Connects Jewish Chicago: Find Your Tribe


Top 5 ways to find Shabbat in Chicago: 

  1. OneTable – Chicago
  2. Moishe House
  3. Mishkan Meals – YumCard / Yum Card – Mishkan Chicago
  4. Seven Species Supper Club & Catering
  5. The Jewish Social Network helping to connect the Jewish people.
  6. Bonus: Windy City Minyan (monthly)


Hosting 20+ people in the city is not a money issue with the help of OneTable. #ProTip: Becoming a OneTable hosts helps you have better food, more people, and more Shabbat without the hassle. Why should it be difficult to find somewhere to go Friday night?





ChiTribe wants to help you find Shabbat easily



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