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Meet Erin Ross, Founder of Home Sweet Home

In kindergarten, I met my best friend Justin, who has special needs. As Justin and I grew up together, I saw first hand the challenges he and his family faced. At age 22, funding stops and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can no longer attend public school.

When individuals are ready to live independently, they need to be called by the lottery system, called PUNS. Once they receive funding there is $10,000 shortfall per individual.

Home Sweet Home Foundation strives to fill the gap, so individuals can lead a life of dignity and confidence amongst their neighbors. 

“Research has found that even with SSDI, 1 in 3 beneficiaries lives below or near the Federal Poverty Level ($11,770 for a single person in 2015), if SSDI were excluded from total household income, fully 7 in 10 beneficiaries would find themselves living in or near poverty.” – ARC of Illinois

  • The State funds 70% of the costs per year, meaning that organizations must fund the missing 30%.
  • There are about $10,000 shortfalls for every individual…How does that affect each individual?
  • Organizations are shutting down homes that house 4 people or less and consolidating making 7-15 person homes.
  • Research shows that the quality of life for people with disabilities is improved when they live in homes of 4 people or less.


The Mission

Home Sweet Home Foundation transforms supportive housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities into safe, happy nurturing homes through in-kind donations-empowering them to live with the confidence and dignity they deserve.

How They Help

Home Sweet Home Foundation provides adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in supportive housing with new and gently used household and other basic necessities on a seasonal basis.

How You Can Support Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, a registered 501(c) 3, and Burlington Coat Factory want to help the 48 residents of El Valor Residential Community Housing keep their fingers warm and body cozy by providing each person a new hat, a pair of gloves and a sweater this Thanksgiving season.

Home Sweet Home Logo

Bring a smile to the face of one resident by cheerfully contributing to the purchase of a hat, gloves or sweater @



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