S#*T You Want for Hannukkah 2018

S#*T I want for Hannukah chitribe

We invite everyone to get more creative this Hanukkah. We can do better than just the classic ugly Hanukkah sweater and insert (Jewish object) here leggings. Check out this ChiTribe guide to what you want for Hanukkah – merchandise you never knew you needed.

Battery Operated Neon LED Figural Dreidel

Room Essentials from Target


This blue neon light is shaped like the outline of a dreidel for the perfect holiday vibe.


Hannukah Traditions Pattern Throw Pillow




Jewish Wisdom Ball

Modern Tribe




Say goodbye to crippling uncertainty forever! Simply ask the Jewish Wisdom Ball a yes or no question, shake, and there’s a good chance your question will be answered with a question. You may be made to feel guilty for having asked in the first place, and once in a while you could be told to put on a sweater.


Mazel Crossbody Purse

Betsey Johnson at Macy’s


You need this. Everyone needs this.


Chanukah Selfie Set

Rite Life on Modern Tribe



“Let’s Get Lit” Menorah Dog & Cat Hoodie

Fab Dog BBQ on Chewy.com

Hanukkah outfit dog chitribe


Because you love your dog more than your friends. We all do. DM ChiTribe your Jewish dog pics this season! Make the story or it didn’t happen. 


Official EBOCH 

EBOCH 2018

EBOCH official chitribe merchandise


Eight Bars of Chanukah 2018 Official Merchandise. You can read all about the The Epic of EBOCH on ChiTribe. Come out to celebrate the miracle this Sunday December 8th.

“8 Bars of Hanukah, 8 bars of Hanukah…we celebrate the fateful crawl of bars”. 



Stuffed Matzo Ball Soup

Gemmy SS Foodie Friends

Stuffed Matzo Ball Soup ChiTribe Hannukah Gift


Stuffed Matzoh ball soup is so much cuter than stuffed cabbage.


Drinking Dreidels

Khepler Games on Modern Tribe


Get Lit with this very fast-paced holiday drinking game,  Players spin their dreidels, follow the instructions and pass them on before someone ends up with both tops.


What other Hanukkah Swag did you discover that you never you knew you needed? Email ChiTribe so we can add it to our list!

Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca Schwab

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