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Category: Hannukah Miracles from the Tribe
8 Streaming Movies chitribe

8 Hanukkah Movies Streaming Now

Streaming near you, a miraculous and nostalgic way to celebrate the Hanukkah season: Movie Marathon. In other words, a Macca-baby’s gotta do what a Macca-baby’s gotta do. Let’s throw some shade at Netflix – literally NO Hanukkah movies streaming this year. Luckily, there are so many other streaming options that

Hanukkah Guide 2021

🎶 Hanukkah is… the Festival of Lights! Instead of one day of presents, we get 8 CRAZY NIGHTS. So if you feel like the only Jew in town looking to fill your night…Click through this guide to stay in the loop, and light all the LIGHTS 🎶 Vaccinations are readily

smack dab sufganiyot chitribe

Sufganiyot at Smack Dab Chicago

Smack Dab Chicago Sufagniyot…OH MY! Smack Dab is offering a limited number of sufganiyot, so be a mensch and get your pre-orders in! Click here>> HANNUKAH TREATS ARE HERE….MAZEL! You can get other Hanukkah goodies to pick up at the same time, but donuts will only be available 11/30! Smack

Hanukkah Homecoming ChiTribe

Hanukkah Homecoming

November 28 – December 5, 2021 A Great Miracle is Happening in a Jewish Community Near You! Hanukkah Homecoming Join a worldwide “open house” of Jewish communities inviting you to celebrate Hanukkah onsite and online together during Hanukkah Homecoming Weekend, November 28-December 5, 2021. Hanukkah Homecoming is inspired by the

hannukah harry deals chitribe

Secret Southside Hannukah Harry Deals in Chicago

If you are willing to shlep to the South Loop, you will find truly Miraculous Hannukah Deals at the Michael’s near Manny’s. Secret Southside Hannukah Harry Deals spotted by Sam Donets on the Second day of Channukah 2019.  A deal that Hannukah Harry can only dream about! 70% off Mensch

“Chronikkah” at Utopian Tailgate means drinks, games, and a “menorah bong.” Utopian Tailgate/Sarah Zelman

Chronikkah: Festival Of Light ’Em Up at Utopian Tailgate

Utopian Tailgate Chronikkah Pop-Up Starting December 22 All proceeds benefit Gilda’s Club Chicago to benefit cancer support They are really taking legalization seriously this year at Utopian Tailgate and we love to see Chronikkah celebrations! From December 22- December 30 (except Christmas eve and day) guests can participate in Chronikkah

scone gnomes chitribe

The Chicago Channukah Scone

Meet The Scone Gnomes: Jeremie and Tiffany Forgot jelly donuts, hannukah scones are the move. Buttery flakey white chocolate goodness…You need to try them. The gnomes are hard at work filling orders and including a special Channukah option.  These locally made holiday scones  are brought to us by ChiTribe contributor

bartleby's ice cream cakes chitribe

Miraculously Local Bartleby’s Jelly Donut Ice Cream for Channukah

Miraculously Local Bartleby’s Jelly Donut Ice Cream for Channukah Available NOW to order delivery or pickup in the Chicago area Enter the code SUFGANIYOT at checkout to save 10%. Why eat a thousand calories if they don’t all taste delicious? Bartleby’s Chanukah dessert package features our original Jelly Donut ice cream, which really

channukah chitribe 2019 chicago

ChiTribe Channukah Guide 2019

We really need a miracle this Pandemic Hannukah. The best most miraculous list of virtual Hanukkah Events in Chicago in 2020 featuring Zoom dreidel competitions, virtual candle lighting on Facebook Live, endless latke recipes… and everything else. Find all the events in Chicago and beyond for this year’s festival of

EBOCH 2019 ChiTribe

EBOCH Eight Bars of Channukah 2019

EBOCH: Eight Bars Of CHanukah Bar Crawl It’s time for the third annual EBOCH Eight Bars of Channukah 2019 Bar Crawl! Mark your calendars, find your CHanukah swag, and invite all your friends to celebrate the Festival of Lights. More on the Facebook Event and EVENTBRITE   EBOCH Eight Bars of