Top 8 Modern Hannukah Music Classics

Top 8 Modern Hannukah Classics chitribe

Tell your friend Veronica, all about these instant classics for Hannukah

Let’s keep it honest, how many of us really know the words of Maoz Tzur? Not as many as who know the words for Adam Sandler’s “Chanukah Song” by heart. Once again, we have adapted. The new Jewish tradition of timeless parodies full of puns and creativity continues each year. Instead of only lasting the holiday, these songs will be stuck in your head for the entire year. Enjoy and share your favorites with friends. 

Six13 “Bohemian Chanukah”

Published last week, this newest addition to the hannukah hall of fame will make you wonder what Bohemian Channukah really means.

I spun a gimel now I have a lot of gelt!

Sevivon sevivon, will you spin this clay dreidel?

Channukia lighting, presents are delighting me!

Chanukia! Chanukia! Chanukia Sevivon…

More sugganiyooootttt

Adam Sandler “The Chanukah Song”

The forefather of all of the modern classics. Beginning on SNL in 2004,  we knew we had to tell our friend Veronica all about this new genre of music. Nearly 25 years and two versions later, and its still the highlight of the season. 

Tell your friend Veronica

It’s time to celebrate Chanukah

I hope I get a harmonicah

Oh this lovely, lovely Chanukah

So drink your gin and tonicah

And smoke your marijuanikah

If you really, really wannakah

Have a happy, happy, happy, happy Chanukah

Happy Chanukah

The Key Tov Orchestra “Hanukkah Song Mashup Dance Spectacular!”

Produced and published in 2014, this classic highlights the best city in the world (Chicago) and the amazing talent of the Key Tov orchestra. This mashup is massive! 

Check out the full feature with Chicago’s very own Elliot Dvorin all about this viral video and The Key Tov Orchestra. 

Maccabeats “Candlelight”

This Hanukkah classic really set the stage for all aca-covers to come in this niche, Chanukah genre. Does anyone actually remember the words to “Dynamite”. No.

Yeah, I flip my latkes in the air sometimes

Sayin’ hey-o, spin the dreidel

Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights

Singin’, hey-o, light the candle


Ash Soular “Fancy Chanukah Parody”

Note from the editor: Creating this list was the first time I discovered this video. Now, I am obsessed. Why don’t more people know about this?! Tell everyone you know! -Rebecca

First things first this is Jewish

The dedication of the temple to us

And we still in the holy business and

We hold it down lighting candles cause it’s our witness


Six13 “Chanukah Shake it off”

I’m spinning dreidels onions and potatoes, coming to my table

smells so good. singing its gonna be eight nights.

We counting up to eight (eight, eight , eight)

We escaped an awful fate (fate, fate, fate)

We’re gonna celebrate (brate, brate, brate)


Rachel Bloom “Chanukah Honey (Santa Baby Parody)”

Rachel Bloom created a full album of alternative Hannukah for Christmas songs. She is a hero among men. Check out the full album “Suck It Christmas, A Channukah Album”

Chanukah honey, at the JCC you play basketball, So tall!

You must be five foot eight. Chanukah honey.

So come and flip my latkes tonight.

Oh by the way, I think our parents have mutual friends.


The Shul of Bal Harbour. “Chanukah Style A Gangnam Style Parody”

So Hebrew School is cool…in Miami. These Hebrew School kids (who are all are all teenagers now since it was made in 2012) made this video to help spread the message of hannukah. Once again, this pretty fantastic kids bop revamp was made at Hebrew School.  

Spin the dreidel

Light the menorah

(Hanukkah) hey!

(Oh Hannukah) hey!

Jelly Donuts, Potato Latkes…

Opa Chanukah Style. 

Hey, Burning candles. 

Woah, Opa Channukah style


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