Oy 2 the World: The Christmas Eve Comedy Show

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‘Tis the Season to be Jewish…

Don’t Miss Out on the Christmas Comedy that has nothing to do with Jesus! 

ARE YOU… Sick of being left with no plans on Christmas eve?

ARE YOU… Resigned to eating Chinese food but have no one to share it with?

DO YOU… Feel like a fakakta schlub? 

DO YOU…Only understand some of this and just like food and comedy?


Owner Jim Webber already does so much for the comedy community. Last year, he offered to buy a bunch of Chinese food and host a show. This year, tickets are $8. Open minded and hilarious, @North Bar hosts different comics doing independent shows throughout the year. This is the Christmas special.

-Reena Calm, Host Read more about Reena

@North Bar in Wicker Park is JEWing it again: Oy 2 the World

Growing up in Iowa, there was really nothing open on Christmas. When I moved to Chicago, if I did anything it would be grabbing some Chinese food with my brother in Chinatown. Anytime I meet a comic I like here, like Reena and Le, I try to follow up about hosting a show @North. When I heard Le talking about being Jewish, I approached Reena and Le about hosting a Christmas Show together…because what else is there to do?We’ll get some Chinese food.  There are enough Jewish comics in the city and Jewish people that last year it was crowded. Surprisingly, there was enough Chinese food last year (Jews like to eat)

-Jim Webber, Owner of @North Bar, Minnesota Native, Camp Ramah Wisconsin Alum

ChiTribe Comedy Exclusive: What is the best part of being a Jew on Christmas?

This is just a taste of the show, come out on the 24th for the whole megillah. 


Oy 2 the World 2018 ChiTribe

“When you’re walking from dinner to the movie theater Christmas day and the only people out don’t celebrate christmas and it’s like everyone gets a little day off from the Christians.”

Aaron Klinger

Rebecca Fass Headshot ChiTribe

“Not having to do last minute Christmas shopping with every gentile in Chicago. Crowds give me anxiety… Also, surly Christmas eve drinking.”

Rebecca Fass @tuxedocat.comedy

Adam Kwaselow Headshot ChiTribe

“I don’t have to lie to my kids about a magical fat man breaking into our house, I only have to lie to them about the wealth gap.”

Adam Kwaselow @kwaselow 

Lindsay Lucido Headshot ChiTribe

“For me, what’s great about being half, is I’m really not accepted into any religious or cultural group, so I get to live life not belonging anywhere. It’s pretty fun.”

Lindsay Lucido @lindsaylucido 

Andrew Tavin Headshot ChiTribe

“Hoping Santa comes down my chimney by mistake so I can kidnap him and extort his workshop for presents”.

Andrew Tavin @andrewtavin

Naomi Spungen Headshot ChiTribe

“I can do whatever I want under mistletoe, such as a word search, no obligation to do a disgusting kiss.”

Naomi Spungen @naomundo

Bill Gevirtz Headshot ChiTribe

“The Chinese restaurant we wanted to order from last Christmas lost its power so we went to Bakers Square in Park Ridge and it was super sad if you looked around but other than that, such good pie.”

-Bill “Jew” Gevirtz IG: @billgevirtz  Twitter: @bill_gevirtz

Bobby Budds Headshot ChiTribe

“There is no more comforting feeling that drinking at a neighborhood bar on christmas day, surrounded by other jews and ppl that couldnt make it home for the holidays. Plus controlling the banks is very fun”

– Bobby Budds IG: @smartperson69  Twitter: @bobbybudds

Ellen Wesley Headshot ChiTribe

“I especially like Christmas Day. It is because it is peaceful, because the goyim are busy with whatever it is they do.”

Dr. Ellen Wesley

Brian Karpas Headshot ChiTribe

“I like to listen to Christmas music knowing we wrote all the classics and without Jewish composers and writers the holiday season would suck.”

Brian Karpas @jew_majesty

Le Aboav Headshot ChiTribe

“If I say putting on this show is that way too cheesy?”

– Host, Le Aboav @witch_woolf

Seth Davis Headshot ChiTribe

“I like how everyone awkwardly stares at each other at the Matzoh Bash, trying to figure out if THAT person is someone the hooked up with … And I like that my mom thinks Walgreens is anti-semitic because the one near her house doesn’t have any Chanukah cards, so she asked to speak to a floor manager, who gave them the number of their supervisor. And I’m like “this is why they hate us. btw/ Walgreens supervisor blamed it on Hallmark. Now my mom thinks Hallmark is antisemitic.”

Seth Davis IG: sethdavis7  Twitter: @sethdcomedy

Reena Calm Headshot ChiTribe

“I used to say free parking, but this is Chicago. Not even free parking on Christmas anymore! Also I used to say that when I didn’t have a car…. definitely running this show is my favorite part of xmas, what Le said!!”

– Reena Calm @ReenaCalm

Yoni Heisler Headshot ChiTribe

“If I have to pick something, I would have to say Matzoh.” 

Yoni Heisler @edibleapple

JOe Nudelman Headshot ChiTribe

“No air conditioning.”

Joe Nudelman

Aaron Klopfer Headshot ChiTribe

“Its cool that once a year all the gentiles beautifully decorate stores, restaurants, and neighborhoods while I get to appreciate the aesthetics and Christmas spirit while contributing absolutely nothing.”

Aaron Klopfer



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It is so cold, you are so lonely, it’s Christmas…Let’s laugh and eat Chinese Food.

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