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Category: Christmastime For The Jews

ChiTribe Chinese Food and Chill 2018

All I want for Christmas is Jews! Kick it  old testament with your ChiTribe for the Jewish Christmas classic: Chinese Food and a Movie GET YOUR TICKET TICKETS TODAY 🎟️$20 Tickets Online: Costs covers space rental and food Chinese food or it

ChiTribe YidLife crisis feature

Time for a YidLife Crisis

Interview by Rebecca Joey Schwab Written by Becky Adelberg We had the chance to speak to YidLife Crisis, the dynamic duo Jamie (“Chaimie”) and Eli (“Leizer”) hailing from Montreal, Quebec, about their Yiddish webseries, which currently has over 3 million

The Birth of The Matzo Bash

The Birth of the Matzo Bash in Chicago

 There is a chasidic story about two boys from the North Shore of Chicago that went to study at the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana. Have you heard this one before? One joined AEPi, the other ZBT. Yeah, you’ve