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Time to get that (Unleavened) Bread!


Where can I buy Matzo in Chicago?!

Chicago is stacked with Matzo and there are so many options to choose from. Yes,  all of them will hurt your stomach, so consume with caution. Here is the short list of Chicago Matzo options at local Grocery stores (Greatest variety to least)

Marriano’s in Wrigley | 3030 North Broadway

  • Dark Chocolate Mint Matzos
  • Manishevitz Double Dipped Chocolate Egg Matzo
  • Manischewitz Egg Matzo
  • Streit’s Passover Matzos
  • Yehuda Gluten Free Matzo Style Squares
  • Yehuda Gluten Free Onion Matzo Style Squares
  • BULK MATZO: Manischewitz Matzos Passover Matzos & Yehuda Matzos Passover Matzos

walmart chitribe passover

Whole Foods | 6009 N Broadway

Manischewitz Organic Matzos

Yehuda Matzos Organic Matzos

Streit’s Egg Matzos

Streit’s Matzos

Yehuda Matzos

Jewel-Osco | 2940 N Ashland Ave 

Shmura Matzos

Manischewitz Egg Matzos

Manischewitz Thin Unsalted Matzos

Osem Israeli Matzah Original

Walmart | 2844 N Broadway

Shmura Matzo

Yehuda Matzos Whole Wheat

Yehuda Matzos Chocolatey Coated Matzos (Parve)


Costco | 2746 N. Clybourn Avenue

Hand Made Shmura Matzo

Yehudah Matzos


More info on these brands, if case the stores run out and need to order online!

Streits MatzosManishewitz, Yehuda Matzos, Schicks, Osem


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