Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Becky Adelberg

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 Let’s Meet Jewish Person Of The Week – Becky Adelberg

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Lansing, Michigan but when I was one years old, my family moved to South Africa until I was 8 (lost my accent!), and then to Skokie/Morton Grove.

What did you do Jewish growing up?
I have an eclectic Jewish background- I went to various Jewish Day Schools growing up that spanned from Conservative to Orthodox and attended Tavor Habonim Dror camp. My Dad was a Cantor growing up, so my family was always going to different synagogues throughout the country on High Holidays, before he became a Rabbi at a congregation in Racine, Wisconsin (aka “The Hamptons of the Midwest”).

Becky Adelberg ChiTribe

What do you do Jewish now?
My life’s work and passion is to connect people to the Jewish community in whatever way works for them. Personally, I love the Jewish traditions from lighting the candles on Shabbat to celebrating holidays with my family to reading Jewish books. I also am very connected to Israel and try to visit often.

Where did you go to school?
KU for undergrad (Go Jayhawks!) where I studied Journalism, focused on Marketing & PR, & Communications, and recieved my Masters from Siegel College of Jewish Studies in Cleveland in Jewish Studies & Education, with an emphasis on Spirituality. I also have a Certificate in Jewish Leadership from Northwestern and Spertus Institute of Jewish Learning.

What do you do for work?
For the past 16 months, I’ve been running a consulting business called Community Connect Consulting. I focus on Project Management, Business Strategy, Marketing and Event Planning, helping organizations scale, while staying true to their mission.  I work with a variety of clients from a national nonprofit to small businesses. I also run an online entrepreneurship program for early to mid stage businesses.

Becky Adelberg ChiTribe

Presenting to women entrepreneurs from around the world through the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

What Jewish organizations have you worked for in Chicago/ nationally?

A BUNCH! American Jewish Congress, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism- College department (KOACH), American Zionist Movement, Jewish Women International, JCC Chicago: JCC 20s & 30s & Seed613, Reboot… and of course, various Hebrew schools. Now, I am fortunate to work with lots of organizations through my business such as ChiTribe!

What do you do for fun/to relax?
I love traveling! I try to leave Chicago every couple of months, especially in the winter. I also enjoy hiking, photography, writing, music festivals, exploring new neighborhoods, yoga and barre classes.

 Becky Adelberg ChiTribe

In one of my favorite cities, Tel Aviv

What is your favorite way to spend shabbat?

Having a Shabbat dinner with friends and family, taking time to reflect on the week, relaxing, reading, walking to the lake…and an occasional Netflix.

Top three things on your Chicago bucket list?

Number One: Riding my bike down the entire LSD path to check out neighborhoods I haven’t been to yet (like Bronzeville & Bridgeport)
Number Two: 5k Color Run
Number Three: Water taxi ride

Tell us more about Community Connect, your new entrepreneurship fellowship, & how you ended up doing this!

Becky Adelberg ChiTribe

Community Connect is a consulting company that helps bring your vision to life through our customized connections and partnerships, as well as all the things I described above. I oversaw a social entrepreneurship fellowship (Seed613) for 4 years (and was a participant in the program where I thought of my business idea), taught entrepreneurship to new immigrants (through JVS), launched a nonprofit and serve as a Mentor at 1871. I knew that I wanted to continue working with people to help them bring their visions to life so I decided to launch an online entrepreneurship program in November 2018- it was for early stage women run businesses and we had an event called “Herstory: Her Company” where everyone presented their businesses in February! Because of the success of the program, I am offering two entrepreneurship programs- beginning the week of May 14! Early stage for men & women and later stage for women; anyone who has an idea or is working on a business and wants the structure and support to bring it to the next level should check it out! 


Becky Adelberg ChiTribe

Women’s entrepreneurship group at “HerStory: Her Company”.

What is your best advice for new entrepreneurs trying to make it?
You have to really love what you are doing and be passionate about it because this is what you are going to do every day! Also, make sure you know what kind of entrepreneur you are- you can have a FT job and a side hustle or have a PT job while you work on your business or go all in– there is no wrong choice- it’s just knowing what works for you.

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Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca creates best practices and executes marketing campaigns for Jewish organizations who are trying to reach the next generation of the Jewish community - specifically Millennials and Gen Z - through digital marketing, social media, online and in-person events.