Meet Jewish Person of the Week Danny New

danny new chitribe jewish person of the week

Where did you grow up?

Hillsborough, New Jersey. Or, as I tell people when they ask me, “In a town near Princeton, but with less khakis” 

Where did you go to school?

University of Miami

What did you do Jewish growing up?

According to my third-grade teacher Ms. Rock, I used to dot all my eyes with the Star of David. Being Jewish has always been important to me. I also proudly attended a reformed Jewish sleepaway camp in the Poconos called Camp Harlam, and became a Bar Mitzvah when I was 13.

danny new chitribe jewish person of the week

What do you do Jewish now?

I still pray every day, and I try to incorporate Jewish holidays into our TV show – although that has proved troublesome occasionally.

For example, one year Yom Kippur fell on a day when I had to broadcast live from the state fair, and I had to, while fasting without food and water, interview a man about his waffle-fry nacho stand. His cheesy, sour-cream-soaked waffle-fry nachos. And that’s what got me thinking, “Daylight Saving Time should start in September from now on.”

What do you do for fun?

I play guitar, perform stand-up and improv comedy, play basketball, and watch my Miami Hurricanes’ football team. 

danny new chitribe jewish person of the week

What do you for work?

I host a nationally-syndicated talk show called Daytime for NBC in Tampa, FL. 

How do you stay motivated during the Pandemic?

I have to keep tan pants on. If I wear shorts or jeans, I feel too casual and can’t get motivated. If I keep dress pants on, my brain has its equivalent of a shock collar. It must obey the khaki pants’ orders. 

danny new chitribe jewish person of the week

Complete the phrase: When the Tribe Gathers, a lot of people ask if the food has salt.  

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Rebecca Schwab

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