Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Alyssa Goldwater

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Let’s Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Alyssa Goldwater

Where did you grow up? Louisville, KY

What did you do Jewish growing up?

I went to overnight, Jewish summer camp (Beber Camp) for 12 years and did BBYO. 

What do you do Jewish now?

Now, I’m an Orthodox Jew so I do “Jewish” things every single day — pray, attend shul, listen to online classes, attend fundraising events, teach my kids, celebrate Shabbos and all holidays…the list goes on.

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What is your favorite way to spend Shabbat?

Getting outside on a nice afternoon with family for a walk or to the park. Just relaxing and being in the moment with no technology to distract us.

Where did you go to school?

I went to Indiana University — Go Hoosiers! I studied education and psychology.

Tell us about your family and your kids?

I’m married to my husband, Adam, and we have two toddlers — Miri (3 years) and Azi (2 years).

What do you do for work?

I am Owner, Founder and Blogger at A Glass of Goldwater, the real mom and lifestyle brand and community of over 20,000 women that I started just about 3 years ago. I also recently launched AG Creative Consulting, a social media marketing company that helps businesses and organizations stand out and grow via social media strategy and exceptional content creation.

How did you become a social media maven?

I’ve always thought of social media as a creative outlet for me. As I started getting more creative with my content, and truly showing real aspects of my life, I started to grow a small following. The excitement behind that feeling when people positively respond to your posts just propelled me to learn more, research what works and keep going. And here we are!

What do you do for fun/to relax?

I get weekly manicures and I love a good massage! I also LOVE to organize.

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What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about creating a space for women to feel normal and supported in the wild world of motherhood and womanhood. This world is tough, and if we don’t have a place to feel comfortable talking about the hard times, how are we supposed to make it through them to celebrate the good times?

What is it like to be a Modern Orthodox Female Influencer?

There are definitely challenges, like most events taking place on Shabbos and most events not having kosher food, but I’ve learned a few things.

1) Don’t feel embarrassed to stand behind your beliefs.

You might feel awkward not eating at a brunch, but when someone asks, just tell the truth, and it usually gives you something to talk about.

2) You’re not “missing out” on something that happens on Shabbos.

G-d simply didn’t want you to be a part of it. When you really internalize that, then you can get over the FOMO.

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3) Stay true to your modesty beliefs as well, especially in a world that’s so full of immodestly-dressed people.

It is so easy to dress fashionably modest these days, and you should never sacrifice your beliefs for a job or to “fit in”.

I definitely walk a fine line of what I share regarding my family, and what I don’t. I have to be respectful of the fact that there are people in my community and family who would rather not be on Instagram. Every time I post something personal, I remember that there is no lifespan on the internet. Once it’s posted, it’s there forever. So I always go through how it will affect my family and friends, even 10 years down the road.

What would you like to say any young Jewish moms out there?

“This too shall pass”. Meaning two things:

1) When you’ve hit rock bottom, just know that you will make it through. As a mom who had two babies under 1 (yes — we are crazy!), there were and still are many hard times when I wanted to quit. But you don’t. You show up and power through with the help of a support system that YOU MUST CREATE for yourself. And you’ll come out on top. 

2) Yes, the hard times will pass, but that means the good times will too. Life really goes so quickly, so as much as you can, take a pause and reflect on how blessed you are with the family you’ve been given.

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Top three things on your Chicago bucket list?

Rent a boat on Lake Michigan, Bison’s Bluff in Schaumburg, Chicago Botanical Gardens

What is your favorite Chicago kosher food place?

Shallot’s for a nice dinner and Lincoln Cafe for lunch.

Go to Kosher grocery for all of your cooking needs?

We’re a pretty loyal Jewel-Osco on Howard family. But Hungarian is great when you don’t want to think about hechsherim.

alyssa goldwater chitribe

When the tribe gathers…we can’t be stopped. You can only go as far as you set your own limits.

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