Jewish American Puppies of ChiTribe

moho jewish puppies moishe house chitribe

Jewish American Puppies of ChiTribe: My Dog can Kvetch and Fetch!

Email us your Jewish pet pics so we can share them with the world. 


Chicago Natives

“Toby” Toblarone is a Shih tzu mix rescue who lives in Chicago 

toby the jewish puppy chitribe

Meet Kugel!! Kugel is a mini golden doodle from Chicago @kugeldoodle

Meet Sid!! Sid is a rescue from anti-cruelty and lives in Chicago @siddy_the_pittie

wriglley jewish dog chitribe

Meet Wrigley!! Wrigley lives in Wrigleyville and loves his Kosher dog bone. 

Happy Hannukah Puppies

Meet Riley

Riley jewish puppy chitribe

Lily Mazal Tov Lemberger is on her way to a Hanukkah party!

lily mazel Jewish Puppy ChiTribe

Suburban Puppies

Levi from Skokie, Illinois 

Levi Jewish Puppy ChiTribe

Stay Golden, Toby Fishman, Deerfield, Illinois @tobyfishman 

toby fishman jewish puppy chitribe


Visiting Puppies

Meet Laffa!! Laffa is a doodle that lives in Milwaukee but comes often to visit Carly in The Old Town Moishe House 

 carly and laffa jewish puppy chitribe

Coco is Toy Poodle from Louisville

coco from louisville jewish puppy chitribe

Simba is a 12 year old pure bred Pekingese who lives in Philly. His sister Erika is here in Chicago!

simba jewish puppy chitribe

Email us your Jewish pet pics so we can share them with the world. 

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