Favorite Chicago Farm to Table Picks for the New Year

Chicago Farm to Table Picks for the New Year

Favorite Chicago Farm to Table Picks for the New Year

Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year is right around the corner.  In accordance with tradition we dip our apples in honey to commemorate a sweet new year.  Sure we have all had the standard bakery honey cake so why not try something new and more exciting this year?  If an effort to eat more sustainable this year, we spent the morning at two local farmers markets.

Here are our favorite Chicago farm to table picks for the new year.

Chaussons Aux Pommes (Apple Pastry)

honey and apples chitribe

Verzenay Patisserie at Green City Market

This flaky beauty is right out of the heart of Paris.  A delicious soft apple filling is sandwiched between a light and buttery crust.  An ideal encore to your Bubbe’s brisket.  

Apple Tart

Hahn’s Bakery at the Lakeview East Farmers Market at Melrose and Broadway

More like a pie than a tart, this decadent treat is oozing with apples and covered with a delectable crumb topping.  Perfect for sharing or to conquer on your own if you are feeling particularly ambitious! 

Apple Butter

honey and apples chitribe

Bushel and Peck’s at Green City Market

Tired of spreading butter and honey on your challah?  Switch to apple butter and elevate your schmear. With deep apple and cinnamon flavor, this spread is like taking a bite out of autumn. 

Garlic and Honey

honey and apples chitribe

Chicago Honey Coop at Green City Market

If you are a foodie who is looking to make a statement this Rosh HaShanah this is the product for you. Whole cloves of garlic marinated in honey pack a sweet and spicy punch. You might be a be less kissable afterwards, but your palate will be pleased!

If you are feeling up for making a homemade dessert this year, stop by the farmers market, pick up five of your favorite apples and try out this simple crowd pleasing recipe! 

Written by Leslie Finkel and Jeremie Lappe

honey and apples chitribe

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Leslie Finkel and Jeremie Lappe

Leslie Finkel and Jeremie Lappe