Nourishment for the New Year by Erin Doppelt

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Nourishment for the New Year by Erin Doppelt

Erin is an international wellness consultant, spiritual teacher and retreat leader and former Jewish person of the week. This is post includes a guided meditation to help you find nourishment for the new year. 

As a nonconformist spiritual educator that has taken an untraditional path towards self-acceptance, I’ve learned that we don’t have to be 100% everything. You can be a nutritionist that sometimes eats sugar, a naturalist that wears store-bought mascara or a feminist that appreciates when men treat on the first date. You are a diverse special being and completely unique. You don’t have to emulate the path of others or strive to be perfect. Just being yourself with your small vices and flaws allows your beauty to show through. After all, the things we don’t adore about ourselves could be that one special thing someone adores in you.

We have made it through Rosh HaShanah and all the high holidays. Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is upon us, soon winter …and then BAM it is 2020.

Yesterday my client asked me, “Erin, how do I make time move slower, it seems like everything is happening so fast!” This is something I hear often. To slow down time we need to live in the present and align to our most nourishing life. 

If you’re someone who feels stuck and doesn’t know how to shift towards your desire…

Take out a pen and paper.

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Central Question: When was the last time you felt deeply nourished?

Not just nourished. But soul firing, passion blazing, eyes wide open and excitedly nourished. Were you sitting on a beach with your romantic partner? Celebrating the holidays with the whole family? Having a meaningful conversation with a friend? Completely by yourself in solitude? Is it when you dream about building your own business?


A Guided Meditation for Nourishment

Materials: Pen and paper.

While sitting in an easy seated pose, close your eyes and bring you hands in juana mudra, thumb and index finger gently touching, palms facing up to receive the good energy around you, allowing them to relax on your lower thigh or knees.


Let these questions sink into your soul. In this posture, you can open up and receive all the information easily. This is the guru’s grace.

Visualize this moment or multiple moments, where your soul was set on fire and breathe in this experience, allowing yourself to relive it.
Stay here for 3-5 minutes allowing yourself to feel, smell, taste, hear and touch this moment.

Sit in the energy of these positive emotions.


Come back to your breath and slowly open your eyes and take out your notebook.

Make a list of 10 things that brought you joy in this visualization or memory.
You can scribble them down or take your time.
Notice the lingering themes of your notes: do they revolve around music or food, connections to people or places? Or perhaps you were by yourself living life at the pace that most serves you.
This practice echoes the nourishments of what your soul needs right now.
Take action! 
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Meditation Explanation:

If your soul is nourished by gourmet meals make a plan to dine out at your favorite spot or choose a new recipe to create. If your narrative seeks alone time, make a plan to go hiking solo or spend the weekend with yourself, taking hot baths and catching up on good reads.

Depending on what you crave, take out your calendar and make a plan to pursue it. When you account for your soul and pay attention to actions that serve your best self, you cultivate energy that supports your highest good. When you’re the best version of yourself, you inspire others to also be their best selves. If this resonates add your name to the soul immersion group coaching waitlist launching early 2020.

Even with the above practices shared, let me leave you with this. Every person you see, everywhere — the person making your morning coffee, the driver cutting you off on the road, the person you identify as opposite your own conflict — also experiences deep unhappiness and extreme joy and wants to live a healthy and meaningful life, just like you and me.

Recognize yourself in the other, and allow the energy to cultivate and shift you towards peace.
Account for the soul – Account for the Neshama. 

More about former Jewish Person of the Week Erin Rachel Doppelt
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Erin is now enrolling for cohort two in her signature certificate program in Mindfulness and Wellbeing Strategy in partnership with UPEACE, a United Nations University. Details Here. This certificate trains you to become a Life Strategist/Coach and supports you in growing and launching your business. The focus is on eastern ritual, western psychology, mindfulness, business development and sharing your great work from a place of soul-alignment. This is a three-month virtual program with 5 days in-person spiritual retreat + business Bootcamp in Nosara Costa Rica. Email Erin with questions Visit Erin’s website Instagram @erinrdoppelt
Erin Doppelt

Erin Doppelt