ChiTribe Pre Show Video LIVE

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ChiTribe Pre Show Video LIVE

ChiTribe PreShow Exclusive: The Biggest Jewish Event in Chicago

Hosted by: Sam Donets, Shaily Hakimian, and Rebecca Joey Schwab

ChiTribe is thrilled to help support the amazing work YLD and the JUF are doing by filling four full tables! The ChiTribe section was popping and the PreShow video is a must-see. Thank you to everyone who came!

Tag @YourChiTribe on Insta and we will your pics from YLD’s Big Event Fundraiser.

This is the ultimate red carpet edition of any Jewish event. ChiTribe is here is to ask the important questions:

  1. What are you wearing?
  2. Did you buy it on sale?
  3. Who are you dating?
  4. Does your mother know where you are tonight?

We are here to find every Josh, Zach, and Rachel. Josh!!!! Also featuring Jewish people named: Jordan, Sam, Emily, Rebecca, and Hannah. Originally filmed for Instagram @YourChiTribe and Tik Tok and now formatted for the Youtube Screen.

In the IG Who Wore It Better Quiz: Rebecca and Rachel TIED

Make The Big Event Smaller with ChiTribe

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ChiTribe LIVE

ChiTribe LIVE