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ChiTribe Co-Founder Rebecca Joey Schwab’s Pitch

ChiTribe Co-Founder Rebecca Schwab participated in the most recent Community Connect Women’s Entrepreneurial Fellowship Cohort and presented about ChiTribe. Many have been wondering our mission, our pitch, do we have a calendar? WTF is ChiTribe. We are the rising tide


Shabbat Clusters 2019 Promo

Sign Up for ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters and create community based on neighborhoods, age and interests. Eat and celebrate Jewish life together. The first 3 months of the program will have set dates for when your cluster will gather. This means

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ChiTribe January Happy Hour

Brrrrr ChiTown! Come on warm up and see the Tribe without all those layers. The new year is here! Wednesday January 23rd 2019 from 6-8pm at HopSmith Tavern in River North. Tell a friend! 🔜RSVP on Facebook Learn more on

ChiTribe PreShow Exclusive

Reporting Live from The Biggest Jewish Event in Chicago Who are you wearing? Who are you dating? Is there anyone named Josh? Josh!!!   Hosts: Shaily and Rebecca   Originally filmed for Instagram @YourChiTribe Formatted for the Youtube Screen All

ChiTribe Hinge

ChiTribe: This one time on Hinge…

How did ChiTribe get started? Here is a very real look at Millenials: Sam & Rebecca and the story of ChiTribe. ChiTribe: This one time on Hinge… ✌️✡️🌃How did ChiTribe get started? A very real look at Millenials: Sam & Rebecca and the story