2 Opportunities to Take Ownership Back in the New Year

Taking Your Ownership Back in the New Year

There are so many things in my life I wouldn’t have chosen if you gave me the full range of life experiences to choose from, like being single and 30, or having lived in Chicago the last 6 months straight, or my doctor’s order’s to go off gluten and dairy for the last 6 weeks. And, with each of these happenings and hundreds of others, I keep coming back to the power of choice and how I can choose them instead of them happening to me. Let me tell you what I mean. 

How can I choose what is happening in front of me?

Things happen that you and I have no control over, what if we decided to start choosing those things rather than feeling like a victim to them happening to us?

The pandemic is happening, whether you like it or not. What if you shifted your mindset and said, “I am choosing the pandemic.” or, your challenged by living on your own right now or living with roommates and what if you shifted to say: I am choosing this living arrangement.” 

Try it on. Okay, now really try it on. Let yourself see it through this new lens. What opportunities open up? 

Instead of putting your energy into trying to avoid it, and being frustrated about it, when you choose it, your subconscious and perspective shift and you will actually start seeing different things! New possibilities and opportunities or outlooks on the situation that you didn’t see before are now right in front of you. Even small little shifts will make huge ripples. 

This doesn’t take away from how challenging that life occurrence is, and if you had all the options out in front, you probably wouldn’t choose it. Of course! And, it’s happening. 

By you actively saying you are choosing it, since it’s happening anyway, you shift your mindsets, allowing new ways to experience the exact same thing! 

What this practice has offered me is agency over my life, and joy and opportunities in places, I would never have looked before, yes experiences are still challenging and our complex human brains can hold both opportunity and challenge at the same time. 

I hope this context offering brings you peace of mind, joy, and connection in this upcoming season. 

Here are experiences focused on community, reflection and accountability that you can join now.

If you are seeking spaces to reflect and bring awareness to what you want to choose going into 5781, I’d love to invite you to join some twisted ritual experiences I created!  

During these experiences, Nasya will guide you through a visualization experience reflecting on this past year so you proactively choose and design 5781. This interactive experience is playful, reflective, complex, and communal.

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Twisted Ritual Experiences

During this pandemic, we have the option to do most things solo. Let’s do reflection in community since we don’t have the same experiences to be in community this year.

And, let’s really do this, not just have an experience leading up to the Jewish New Year, let’s feel in community through the whole holiday season.

*Using the Jewish holiday season as a springboard to do this work is powerful. These are universal experiences, meant for all humans of all types of practice and connection.*

Over the course of the next month, I will be facilitating 4 interactive twisted ritual experiences on Zoom.

Twisted ritual= ancient wisdom with a modern twist. 

You will leave each session inspired and ready to take action as a result of new discoveries about yourself and your unique voice and purpose in this world. 

This will be a spiritual inventory process. These experiences will be playful, complex, communal and bold!  

All experiences: 8:15pm ET/ 7:15CT/5:15pm PT

Wednesday, September 16: Your Year in Review 

Wednesday, September 30: Visioning Your Future

Wednesday, October 7: Meeting your Team of Allies

Wednesday, October 14: Propelling You Forward Through Your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. 

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Your personal accountability buddy for a week!

*I use the Jewish holiday season as a powerful springboard to do this work and these experiences are universal, meant for all humans of all types of practice and connection.*


Ready to have me, Mindset and Relationship Systems Coach, Nasya Miller, be your personal accountability buddy for a week?

This is how it works:

September 21- September 27

Every morning I will personally text you a challenge or a prompt for you to consider that day (every prompt will be accessible for you personalize.)

By evening: you let me know what you did and how it went or why you didn’t do it! 

Seems simple, yet having someone to come back to actually keeps you aligned with your word. It is through action that your ideals and beliefs become your reality.

Learn more about your personal accountability buddy.


The time between the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, and the Day of Forgiveness, Yom Kippur, are 10 days of the year that are the climax of potent energy for reflection and renewal so let’s harness it and add the layer of a pandemic and you’ve got the trifecta! I want to champion you and create a space for you to become aware and begin making shifts you want to see happen in your life. Imagine a world, where you feel in integrity and deeply connected to yourself, your full expression and voice and the people and relationships in your life.

It’s time we start owning our choices, our communities, our society, and our lives on a whole new level. And, we see during this pandemic reality how much is really possible.

The most powerful way to make real change is through accountability, it just doesn’t happen any other way. This year I want to champion you during this powerful week and be your spiritual accountability buddy.

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Nasya Miller, originally from Chicago, IL, is the founder of Wide Open Spaces LLC. She is an international facilitator, educator, and trained Mindset and Relationship Systems Coach. Nasya is here to be your fierce champion in empowering your relationships to thrive starting with yourself. Nasya, also a ritual enthusiast, a creative, and a life-long learner brings all her passions into every experience she designs.

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