Reflecting for the New Year

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There are so many things in my life I wouldn’t have chosen if you gave me full range to choose, like being single and 30, having lived in Chicago the last 6 months straight, doctor’s order’s to go off gluten and dairy for 6 weeks and when I actually chose those things so much opened up. 

Our holiday season is rapidly approaching, insane!, and I am thinking about the power of choice.

How can I choose what is happening in front of me?
Things happen that you and I have no control over, what if we decided to start choosing those things rather than feeling like a victim to them happening to us?

The pandemic is happening, whether you like it or not. What if you shifted our mindset and said, “I am choosing the pandemic.” or, “your challenged and living on your own right now or with roomates and shifting to say: I am choosing this living arrangement.”

Try it on. What opportunities open up? 
Instead of putting your energy into trying to avoid it, and being frustrated about it, when we choose it, your subconscious and perspective shifts and you will actually start seeing different things! New possibilities and opportunities that you didn’t see before are right in front of you.

This doesn’t take away from how challenging that life occurrence is, and if you had all the options out in front, you probably wouldn’t choose it. Of course! And, it’s happening. 

What this does do though, is it shifts our mindsets, and that then allows for new ways to experience the same thing! 

Get Involved with Nasya’s Upcoming Events

These experiences are focused on community, reflection and accountability.

If you are seeking spaces to reflect and bring awareness to what you want to choose going into 5781, I’d love to invite you to join some twisted ritual experiences I created!  

During these experiences, Nasya will guide you through a visualization experience reflecting on this past year so you proactively choose and design 5781. This interactive experience is playful, reflective, complex, and communal.

Twisted Ritual Experiences!

September 16

September 30

October 7

Your Personal Accountability Buddy!

September 21

More information and link to sign up are here

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Nasya Miller

Nasya Miller