Racial Justice in the Sukkah 2020

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This Sukkot: October 5th Racial Justice in the Sukkah

This pandemic Sukkot, injustice is on all of our minds. Mishkan Chicago, JCUA, and ONE Northside are coming together for an important conversation on racial justice, economic justice, and the upcoming fair tax amendment. How vulnerable are we this Sukkot?

A Conversation About Economic Justice

Sukkot and Equity: The Illinois Fair Tax Amendment and Vulnerability

The holiday of Sukkot prompts us to leave our stable homes and move into a temporary, vulnerable shelter. Join Mishkan, Base Hillel, ONE Northside, and JCUA to learn about the Jewish roots of equity in Sukkot, the protections and vulnerabilities in our own lives, and how the Fair Tax amendment on this year’s ballot protects people who do not have financial privilege or protections.

No prior knowledge is necessary! We dive deep into the Fair Tax amendment and phonebank in support of the amendment for those interested.

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