36 Over 36 ChiTribers

36 OVER 36 ChiTribe

Even if you above a certain age, ChiTribe is here to help you find your Tribe.

ChiTribe 36 over 36

36 is the New 24 – Haven’t you heard?

Introducing the 36 Over 36 ChiTribe List

CALLING ALL OVER 36 ChiTribers!We are looking for people who are making a difference and giving back NO MATTER WHAT THEIR AGE!

This is to highlight those 36+ changing the world, who have been for over 30 years. Nominate a ChiTriber, beyond just Jewish Person of the Week.

36 OVER 36 ChiTribe

If you thought ChiTribe was just for 20 somethings and 30 somethings, WE ARE FOR EVERYONE!

Our calendar services all ages, and our events cater to 40-50 somethings too. Learn more here>>

IT IS April Fools! (No guarantees this will be posted!)

If you take some time and let us know some 36+ Jews who should make the list, let us know! If we get great nominations, we will make this a reality.

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ChiTribe 36 Over 36

ChiTribe 36 Over 36