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Jewish 30s and 40s in Chicago

Jewish 30s and 40s in Chicago

Are you looking for community and the events that are right for you? Calling all singles, married, divorced, and beyond! ChiTribe is working to provide events for this much needed demographic. We focus on 20 something and early events, but we are making a concerted effort to address the needs of the next generation. 

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30s & 40s


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30s & 40s


Have you ever thought: I wish ChiTribe existed 10 years ago?

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We do too. We are here now, and we need your help now. 

Support ChiTribe’s growing effort to support Jewish life for 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. Chicago is full of amazing opportunities, over 70 Jewish organizations, and thousands of events. We are excited for a new year of new connections. Your support makes a huge difference. Thank you!


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Registration is currently open!! There will be 30s and 40s clusters in the city and we are hopeful to include a suburban option, so register today!

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