Post-Pandemic ChiTribe Clusters

ChiTribe Post-Pandemic Clusters are an opportunity for people to connect virtually and in-person while creating a community based on shared interests. As more people are becoming vaccinated, and Jewish life can start returning to normal, ChiTribe Post-Pandemic Clusters are a chance to meet new people and reconnect with the Tribe. The cost of Post-Pandemic Clusters is $20, which includes entry into 2 clusters (details on each Cluster below). If you want to be involved in more than 2 clusters, please contact ChiTribe directly.

When and Where:

Post Pandemic Clusters will begin in June and will be a hybrid between virtual and in-person (depending on weather and cluster). All in-person locations will be outdoors with enough room for social distancing. As Chicago begins to re-open this summer, we want you to help people deal with the anxiety around re-entry after such a crazy year. Finding a Jewish community as the pandemic ends does not need to be difficult!

Post-Pandemic Cluster Options:

Fitness Cluster – split between Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings (in-person)

fitness cluster chitribe

Game Night – every other Monday at 8pm (virtual)

game night cluster chitribe

Cooking Cluster – every other Wednesday at 7pm (hybrid)

cooking cluster chitribe

TV Pilot “Watching ” – every other Wednesday at 8pm (virtual)

Shabbat Clusters – every other Friday at 7pm (hybrid)

Post-Pandemic Cluster Descriptions

Fitness Cluster (Sunday Afternoons/Monday Evenings)

June 7, June 21, Jun 27, July 12

This fitness cluster is for fitness-minded individuals and those who want to jump into fitness as the pandemic ends. The cluster will begin virtually (June 7) with introductions and a chat with a nutritionist, so come prepared with goals and questions! Our next sessions will be in person! Let’s get moving by doing some Zumba in the park, Beach volleyball and one other class voted on by the group!

Game Night Cluster (Mondays 8pm)

June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26

Join the tribe virtually for an hour of games that help you feel connected and make you laugh. Huge shout -ut at Jackbox Games for this amazing product. Invite your friends, this is a great way to not be alone during this weird crazy time. There will be prizes!

Pilot Cluster: A TV Watching Group (Wednesdays 8pm)

June 9, June 23, July 7, July 21

The pilot Cluster is for anyone who has binged TV this pandemic and wants to discuss some of the best Jewish shows on television as seen through their pilot episode. Each session there will be a different pilot to discuss that you can binge in advance! The in person experience for this cluster will include socially distanced park hangs to discuss episodes and more.

We are open to more suggestions and classics: Seinfeld, Unorthodox, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hunters, Transparent, Shtisel!

Cooking Cluster (Wednesdays at 7pm)

June 2, June 16, June 30, July 14

If you have been baking and cooking throughout the pandemic and you have recipes to share and a love for cooking, this is a group for you. This group will have different recipes and themes for each meeting, with the in-person components being, OF COURSE , sharing home-cooked meals and dishes OUTSIDE, in socially distanced environments. If you like to bake, or you do now….get involved!

Right now we hope to create more cluster experiences based on interest!

Jews of All Identities*

The goal of this cluster is to create a more inclusive space in the Jewish community for Jews of all identities. This should be a safe space for conversations of all different kinds, from identity to religion to intersectionality and beyond.

New to Chicago Cluster *

For people who have moved to Chicago during the pandemic who are still trying to find community now that life is slowly returning back to normal. This cluster would be an ideal place to meet other people who are new to the city and looking to get involved in Jewish life.

Have an idea for another cluster?! Let us know by emailing

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ChiTribe Post-Pandemic Updates

ChiTribe Post-Pandemic Updates