Rosh Hashanah at the Low-Line Market

low line rosh hashanah

Finally a Farmer’s Market for the Tribe

ChiTribe is so excited to share more information about Chicago’s only Rosh Hashanah themed Farmer’s Market experience at the Low-Line Market. We connected with Julie Star Julie Star, the Engagement Manager at the Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce who helped create the Rosh Hashanah themed Farmers Market in 2022. There were already so many sweet treats at the market and it just made sense to create an annual themed market to bring the Jewish community together, Julie tells ChiTribe. Learn more about this family friendly Rosh HaShanah themed Farmer’s Market on September 12, 2023!

What can we expect from the event? 

The Hive Supply will be bringing an observation bee hive enclosed in glass for viewing and will have plenty of honey from the Chicagoland area, Parra Farm will have plenty of apples and cider, Schmaltz and Vinegar will bring Matzah ball soup, kugel (sweet and savory), rugelach, stuffed apple challah bread pudding, kishke. With Love Baked Goods will have Rosh Hashanah themed cookies.Game On! Sports 4 Kids will have an activity game called Active Apples and JUF Young Families/PJ Library will have PJ Library Fall Holiday books to take home.

Who is this event for?  

The entire community! Anyone can stop by to grab some apples & honey and Rosh Hashanah themed sweets and treats. You can bring your kids and pups as well!

Why is it important for Chicago to have Jewish new year options for the city? 

There are so many different events happening throughout the city and we felt it was important for the Jewish community to have an opportunity to celebrate the holiday and gather at the Low-Line Market.

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The Low-Line Market: Everything You Need to Know

The Low-Line Market is a conveniently located and carefully curated farmers market, with the goal of creating an experience where neighbors can meet and gather while having greater access to a collection of high-quality produce, proteins, flowers and artisanal foods from local farms and vendors. By providing an increased availability of local food sources within walking distance of a high traffic, residential area, the Low-Line Market aims to contribute to an increase in sustainability within our community. The Market proudly accepts Illinois LINK card users for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The market runs on Tuesdays from June 6 – October 10th from 3pm -7pm at the Southport Brown Line Auxiliary Exit

Visit the Low-Line Market Website for more info

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