Joking at the Skokie: An Erev Christmas Eve Comedy Show!

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An Erev Christmas Eve Comedy Show! Featuring an all-star Jewish cast celebrating the holiday season with stand-up comedy, games, prizes, and all-around meshugaas. Don’t be a schlemiel and miss out on the fun!

Starring Lia Berman, Seth Davis, Jeremy Drazner, Eunji Kim, Drew Loryn, and Jan Slavin

Meet the comedians!

Best part of being a Jew on Christmas?

My bank account and wonton soup. 

Lia Berman

Lia Berman has an affinity for Goldfish crackers. When she is not snacking on the salty cheese she craves, she is hosting her open mic at the Logan Theatre in Chicago, performing comedy, working a 9-5, and raising her 5-year-old son. For the love of Pete, give the girl more Goldfish crackers! She hails from outside of Boston and finds the accent soothing. Follow along with Lia’s adventures in parenting and comedy @liaberman3 and Twitter @liamichelle

Best part of being a Jew on Christmas?

Movies and Chinese Food 

Seth David

Seth Davis was born in Chicago and raised on the mean streets of Skokie. A Standup comedian, writer, and producer. A graduate of The Second City and iO Theater, he has been described as pee-in-your-pants funny by people with bladder control problems. Seth delights audiences with his charismatic and self-deprecating humor through personal stories, characters, and his own mental illness (OCD OCD OCD), which has given him a reputation among comedy nerds in two Chicago bars as “The Bad Boy of Comedy.

Jeremy Drazner is a Chicago-based comedian who performs standup and sketch comedy around the Chicagoland area. Drazner has performed in the Bentwood Comedy Festival, the Chicago Jewish Theatre Festival, and the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. He also is a co-producer of the monthly show, “All You Can Eat” and Laugh Factory: Chicago. Please follow him on Instagram and Twitter @jdraz92

The best part of being a Jew on Christmas is getting woken up in the middle of the night by Santa for him to remind you that you don’t get presents because you are a Jew. You go back to sleep and then wake up only to realize that you forgot to go grocery shopping, nothing is open, and you have terrible options for breakfast. You then experience an existential crisis wondering if you belong in society. You then see people post pictures of their families at the movies with the caption, “Happy Chinese Food and a Movie Day,” and decide going to the movies is the last thing you want to do. You end up binge-watching, ‘The Office,’ and eat all of the random snacks that you bought two months ago and never got around to eating because you continue to buy unhealthier snacks that are much more enjoyable. 

Best part of being a Jew on Christmas?


Eunji Kim

Eunji Kim is a writer at Cards Against Humanity and does comedy all over – all days – all ways. Follow her on Instagram @THEBESTEUNJI

Best part of being a Jew on Christmas?

Knowing I’m not going to hell and eating Chinese food with no presents

Drew Soffer Loryn

Drew Loryn is a comic that has featured all around Chicago including Zanies, Laugh Factory, Comedy Bar, The Women’s Funny Festival, and more! She has opened up for Matthew Torres and runs a mental health podcast called ”Doing Time” where she interviews guests from all walks of life who have been in a mental health facility or have struggled with mental health.

What is the best part of being a Jew on Christmas?

Knowing that so many famous Christmas songs were written by Jews.

Jen Slavin

Jan Slavin is a singer, writer and stand-up comedian who has performed at major venues all over Chicagoland including The Skokie Theatre, Davenport’s, Comedy Shrine, Laugh Factory, Chicago Improv, Zanie’s, and Metropolis Theatre. Jan is the producer and host of “The High Fiber Comedy Show” and “The Nice Jewish Girls Chomedy Show”, which have been featured at The Skokie Theatre. This summer Jan starred as “Bubbie” in the Skokie Theater’s production of “Cooking with Bubbie” and also performs regularly with her musical partner, Pam Peterson, in the acclaimed “The Boomer Babes.” Jan was recently described by “Chicago Now” as a “rising, ageism-fighting star.”

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