Met You at ChiTribe: Leora and Jeremy

met you at chitribe jeremy and leora

Met You at ChiTribe

Met You at ChiTribe is profiling all of the love found at different ChiTribe experiences throughout the years and the city, aka Jewish Couple Goals. Meet Leora and Jeremy who met at ChiTribe in December of 2021! Do you know someone who met their partner at ChiTribe, too? email us so we can profile them during the Jewish month of love: February 2023.

Meet ChiTribe Couple Leora and Jeremy Shefer

Relationship status: Married! (Mazal Tov!)

Met at ChiTribe’s Chanukah Happy Hour in November 2021

met you at chitribe jeremy and leora

Jeremy and I met at the Chanukah Bar event in November 2021. My friend and I attended the event after we saw the post on Facebook. Jeremy and his roommate at the time were driving back from Galleghar way when Jeremy’s roommate saw the lights at the bar and noticed the dreidels. Jeremy did a U-turn and ended up joining the event. This is where our stories differ- Jeremy says he saw me and just had to talk to me so he walked up to where my friend and I were sitting. I saw Jeremy and his roommate standing near us and told my friend to offer them the two remaining seats at our table. The four of us ended up talking the whole night without discussing politics or COVID (Chicago still had a mask mandate for restaurants). When it was time to go, Jeremy and I exchanged numbers.


met you at chitribe jeremy and leora

The ChiTribe event was on a Tuesday night and our first date was the following Sunday. I knew as soon as I left our first date that I was going to marry Jeremy. Jeremy knew once I supported him through a challenging time. A week after our first date and on my birthday, Jeremy left to Mexico for a month where we FaceTimed almost every day. He then met my family the day he got back from Mexico and gave my entire family COVID! Somehow we managed to get past that (and so did my family), and got married a year and a few days after we met!

Key to relationship success

met you at chitribe jeremy and leora

Talk to us in 30 years! We would say: know yourself well enough to know what you want from your partner. This means life goals, Jewish observance and values.

And the nagging… We are still in our honeymoon phase 🙂

Favorite Jewish experience as a couple?

Chanukah! We both already loved Chanukah before we met and we met on Chanukah! Although it did not work us for us to get married on Chanukah, the logo on our bencher is a menorah entwined with our names. We got to light the menorah for the first time outside together on our first Chanukah (December 2022)!

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