Met You at ChiTribe: Leslie and Sam

met you at chitribe leslie and sam

Met You at ChiTribe

Met You at ChiTribe is profiling all of the love found at different ChiTribe experiences throughout the years and the city, aka Jewish Couple Goals. Meet Leslie Finkel and ChiTribe Co-Founder Sam Getz-Sheftel who met at ChiTribe in January of 2019! Do you know someone who met their partner at ChiTribe, too? email us so we can profile them during the Jewish month of love: February 2023.

Meet ChiTribe Couple Leslie Finkel and Sam Getz-Sheftel

Relationship status: Married! (Mazal Tov!)

Met at ChiTribe’s January Happy Hour in at Hopsmith in 2019

met you at chitribe leslie and sam

At ChiTribe’s 4th event ever, Sam and Leslie connected and the rest is history. As Leslie tells us, “Sam and I have a mutual friend that he came over to chat with at the happy hour. I think he really got interested after I told him one of the kids I saw that day told me I smelled like his grandma. Sam asked for my phone number at the end of the evening and the rest is history!”


met you at chitribe leslie and sam
April Pre-Passover Happy Hour 2019 at Irish Oak

We went out for breakfast at 8am the Sunday after the happy hour. We started to spend more time together pretty quickly and got engaged on March 8, 2020. We really got that one in under the wire. I started to plan a wedding for three days and then realized that we may have to slightly change our plans… We got married in August 2020 at my synagogue in Michigan with mostly immediate family. It was a beautiful ceremony and I think we were really on the cutting edge of Zoom weddings. Although we were sad to not have our friends and extended family with us in person we really felt the love through the internet.

Key to relationship success

met you at chitribe leslie and sam
June Happy Hour 2019 at Shore Club: Erica Getz-Sheftel, Sam Getz-Sheftel, Leslie Finkel

Try to laugh frequently. 

And the nagging…

met you at chitribe leslie and sam

Leslie: I nag Sam about recycling, composting, creating a fire escape plan, and how greek yogurt can be used as a sour cream substitute. 

Favorite Jewish experience as a couple?

We’ve tried to make it a priority to have Shabbat dinner almost every week since Shosh (our daughter) was born. It’s been really special to have family and friends with us to create this tradition with her.

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