Jewish 30+ Speed Dating in Chicago

30+ Jewish Speed Dating with ChiTribe and Makom 40s and 50s

Jewish Speed Dating in Chicago for ages 30-45

Are you between the ages of 30-45, live in Chicago, and are tired of the dating apps? ChiTribe and Makom are working together to provide support for this important age group. Since the pandemic, Jewish speed dating is becoming an increasingly popular in Chicago. Whereas many Jewish organizations cut their programming for young adults at age 32-35, we are actively working to connect Jews in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s! This event is brought to you in partnership by ChiTribe and Makom 40s & 50s.

Finding someone who shares similar values and beliefs is the top priority when it comes to dating and relationships, especially for Jews over 30. With the rise of dating apps and online dating, it can be truly challenging to find compatible matches when you have a 3 or 4 as the first digit of your age. ChiTribe and Makom 30+ (ages 30-45) Jewish speed dating provides a solution for those looking to meet like-minded individuals in a face-to-face setting and potentially spark a meaningful connection.

30+ Jewish Speed Dating with ChiTribe and Makom 40s and 50s

Tuesday, May 2nd 6:30pm-9pm

Hey Jewish 30 somethings+ looking for love! Join us for Jewish Speed Dating: Chicago 30 somethings+ on March 19th from 4-7pm. Experience 15+ dates with Jewish singles made easy! All participants will be *vetted and will receive their matches within two 5 business days. During the speed dating portion of the night, you will be prompted with questions and given 3 minutes with each individual. You will receive a form to complete your matches before leaving the event. The Jewish speed dating experience is for those looking for a committed relationship.

Just looking to socialize with singles? Skip the speed dating and join us for cocktail hour from 8-9m. This event is only for singles ages 30-45.

*Vetting: Registering for this event includes a thorough form to help our team run the event and provide the experience you are looking for. Please take your time to be thoughtful in your responses.

Jewish Speed Dating FAQs for Ages 30-45

What is Jewish speed dating?

Jewish speed dating is a matchmaking process designed to enable Jewish singles to meet a large number of potential partners in a short period of time. You will be given a Google form at the conclusion of the event and asked to select up to 10 people you are interested in continuing the conversation with.

How does Jewish speed dating work?

There will be many long tables so couples can be seated across from each other for 3-4 minute conversations. Participants will have the opportunity to go on 10-15 short dates with other singles in a controlled environment.

Who can participate in this 30+ Jewish speed dating event?

The upcoming 30+ Jewish speed dating event on May 2 is specifically for ages 30-45. This event is open to all Jewish singles in this age range who are interested in meeting other Jewish singles for dating and potentially finding a long-term partner. This event is open to the LGBTQ+ community!

How many dates can I expect to go on at a Jewish speed dating event?

Participants can expect to go on around 10-20 dates during this Jewish speed dating event.

What should I wear to this Jewish speed dating event?

Dress code for Jewish speed dating events is business casual or dressy casual attire. Feel good!

How do I register for a Jewish speed dating event?

Register Here>>

What happens after the event? How will I know if I have any matches?

After the event, within five business days, participants will receive an email cc-ing them with any matches they made during the event.

Are Jewish speed dating events only for people looking for serious relationships?

Jewish speed dating events are designed for singles who are serious about finding a partner for a long-term relationship.

What happens if I don’t find any matches at the event?

If a participant doesn’t find any matches at the event, they can attend future events or explore other dating options. We recommend to keep trying out new events using the ChiTribe calendar.

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