Bringing Jewish Speed Dating Back to Chicago

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ChiTribe is bringing back Jewish Speed Dating Events in Chicago 2023

Since February 2023, ChiTribe has been hosting successful speed dating events in partnership with various Jewish organizations in Chicago. The first event was held on February 16 in partnership with Anshe Emet YAD, and it was specifically designed for Jewish singles between the ages of 22-35. The event had a total of 54 attendees, who were able to experience over 20 dates and fill out a form to indicate their matches at the end of the night. All matches were sent out within five days of the event.

Building on the success of our first event, ChiTribe is hosting their next event on March 19 in partnership with Temple Sholom’s Makom 40s & 50s group. This upcoming event will be specifically designed for Jewish singles between the ages of 30-45, who are in need of this kind of programming. Additionally, ChiTribe is partnering with InLuv Matchmaking to host a special Speed Dating event in April (date coming soon), open to ages 21-35. This event will be unique, as all conversations will be predetermined based on interest and age. ChiTribe and Talia from InLuv will facilitate the entire night, including a DJ and schmooze throughout the event. Learn all about the Jewish history of speed dating in this article.

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ChiTribe is proud to introduce two innovative matchmakers revolutionizing the Jewish dating scene in Chicago: Talia Aloush and Rivka Yeker. Talia (she/her) is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who has made waves by launching InLuv Matchmaking and teaming up with ChiTribe. Rivka (they/them) specializes in LGBTQIA+ matchmaking, ensuring that the community’s dating needs are met with understanding and inclusivity. Together, Talia and Rivka are committed to making meaningful connections within the Jewish community.

Yente! Yente! Yente!

The resurgence of interest in face-to-face interactions and real-life events has brought Jewish speed dating back into the ChiTribe spotlight. ChiTribe has formed partnerships with organizations such as Anshe Emet YAD, Temple Sholom Makom 40s & 50s, and InLuv Matchmaking to revive this popular method for Jewish singles to meet in a low-pressure environment. But the year is 2023, and we are tech forward so all data will be recorded and analyzed digitally. ChiTribe is excited to bring Jewish speed dating back to Chicago, and to help foster meaningful relationships for singles in the area.

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Rebecca Schwab

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