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Cater your Seder 2023 this Passover with the Passover Food Guide

Finding Passover food in Chicago is much easier with the ChiTribe Passover Food Guide 2023. We spotlight the city’s finest eateries offering delicious and unique Passover-friendly meals! This year, we’re featuring the exquisite offerings from Steingold’s, Zeitlin’s Delicatessen, Schmaltz & Vinegar, and of course Kosher options from Zelda’s with the convenient Seder to Go Kits in partnership with Lakeview Chabad. Simplify your holiday celebrations with catering options that will delight your taste buds and make hosting a breeze. Discover Steingold’s sumptuous gefilte fish and tender brisket, indulge in Zeitlin’s mouthwatering matzo ball soup and almond flourless cake, revel in Schmaltz & Vinegar’s unique charoset and scrumptious kugel, or Kosher eggplant shnitzel and cinnamon streusel butternut squash soufflé from Zelda’s!

Steingold’s Chicago

Cater your entire seder with Steingold’s Chicago. From dairy free house-made Matzo to an edible seder plate, they have you covered.

Located: 3737 N Southport Ave

Order info: 2 Days Notice* – Passover options only available April 5 to 13. Must be ordered online through No delivery available. Not certified kosher.

Catering Options:

  • Full Passover Feast | (Serves 4-6)Four lamb shanks, one order of crispy potatoes, one order of roa…$175.00
  • Edible Seder Platter | Seves 6-8 3/4 QT of each of the following: Egg salad: hard boiled…$56.00
  • House-Made Matzo Crackers (dairy free) | 1/2 lb of crackers (serves 6-8)$8.00
  • Roasted Asparagus (gluten free, Contains Nuts!) | Asparagus is roasted in oil and salt. Served alongside preserved…$18.00
  • Lamb Shanks (Gluten Free, dairy free) | Brined for 4 days then braised in pomegranate juice, pomegranat…$0.00
  • Fingerling Potatoes (gluten free, dairy free)| Tricolor fingerling potatoes are roasted until tender, lightly smas…$15.00
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free) | Six-inch Round cake served whole. (Serves 4-6)$26.00
  • Binyamina Moshava Chardonnay, Israeli 2021 (Kosher) | The Binyamina Moshava Chardonnay is light gold in color…$20.00
  • Ben Ami ‘Zmora’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Israeli 2021 (Kosher) $24 | These characteristics include a vibrant purple color, a soft textre $24.00

Zeitlin’s Delicatessen

This year, Zeitlin’s Deli has two incredible Passover options to elevate your seder from.

Order info: Zeitlin’s is offering personal catering if anyone wants to have it delivered or picked up.  You can inquire with by emailing Delivery available. Not certified kosher.

Catering Options:

  • Matzoball Soup $20 (feeds 2 people)  
  • Almond Flourless Chocolate Cake with Orange $20 (feeds 6-8 people) 

Schmaltz & Vinegar

schmaltz and vinegar passover chitribe

Order Info:

This year, Schmatz & Vinegar is offering catering options and A la cart options for Passover catering. Reach out directly with any questions or concerns regarding the menu to Chef Jessica at Please view full menu descriptions via the main website here. Schmaltz & Vinegar is not a Kosher caterer but cook kosher style and use Kosher for Passover products.

Catering Options:

Pickup and delivery options this Passover from Schmaltz & Vinegar! You choose to pick up on the north side of Chicago and delivery within the city and a few chosen suburbs ! If you would like delivery, please make sure you add the delivery fee at check out and provide your address. Pick up is available Tuesday 4/5 and Wednesday 4/6 and ALL deliveries will be Tuesday 4/5. When your order is received you will get a confirmation email with your pick-up or delivery information!

  • A Grand Meal – $27.00 per person (Minimum order of 4 meals)
  • Starter options (2 sides in this option): Matzah Ball Soup, Chopped Liver, Veggie Chopped “Liver”
  • Main (1 main): Bestest Brisket, Braised Chicken, Tagine
  • Side options (2 side options): Kishke with Gravy, Roasted Carrots, Matzah Farfel, Potato and Spinach Kugel, Everything Spice Potatoes and Green Beans, Greens Salad
  • Dessert options: Macaroons, Pavlova, Chocolate Pudding
  • A Family Feast – $38.00 per person (Minimum order of 4 meals, all desserts included)
  • Starter options (3 sides in this option): Matzah Ball Soup
  • Main (2 Main dishes): Bestest Brisket, Braised Chicken, Tagine
  • Side options (3 side options): Kishke with Gravy, Roasted Carrots, Matzah Farfel, Potato and Spinach Kugel, Everything Spice Potatoes and Green Beans, Greens Salad
  • Dessert options: Macaroons, Pavlova, Chocolate Pudding

Zelda’s Kosher Catering

zelda's passover chitribe kosher

Location: 4113 Main Street, Skokie, IL 60076

Order Info: All Passover Sales Are Final And Cannot Be Canceled Or Decreased.

Please order by Monday, March 13th to ensure availability .

Tuesday, April 4th 4:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday, April 5th 9:00am-3:00pm
Monday, April 10th 10:00am-4:00pm
Tuesday, April 11th 10:00am-4:00pm

All orders come with heating instructions.

Holiday Delivery Zones:
$10 Skokie (60076)
$15 Evanston, Lincolnwood, Peterson Park, Skokie (60077) West Rogers Park, Wilmette
$25 Lakeview, Winnetka, Glenview, Glencoe, Northbrook,
Highland Park, East Deerfield (east of the I-94)
$35 Lincoln Park, West Deerfield (west of the I-94)
$50 Loop/Downtown

Catering Options:

  • Holiday Essentials:
  • Seder Plate Fixings – $16.00 (seder plate not included)
  • Charoset – $16.00
  • Large Grape Juice – $10.00 (64oz bottle)
  • Family Style (serves 4–5 guests): Starters:
  • Gefilta Fish with Beet Horseradish (P) – $28.00
  • Chicken Soup (M) – $38.00 (½ gallon)
  • Jumbo Matzah Balls (P) – $16.00 (6 matzah balls, *gebrochts)
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Pepitas (P) – $36.00 (½ gallon)
  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs (M) – $34.00 (*gebrochts)
  • Entrées:
  • Honey and Apricot Glazed Chicken with Turkish Apricots (Bone-In) (M) – $84.00
  • Chicken Marsala (Boneless Breast) (M) – $84.00
  • Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Schnitzel (M) – $86.00
  • First Cut Brisket with Caramelized Shallots & Red Wine Demi-Glace (M) – $128.00
  • Gluten Free Panko Encrusted Citrus Salmon (P) – $92.00
  • Eggplant Schnitzel Topped with Tomato and Spinach Ragù (P/V) – $68.00
  • Accompaniments:
  • Cinnamon Streusel Butternut Squash Soufflé (P) – $27.00
  • Roasted Seasonal Vegetables (P) – $27.00
  • Herb Roasted Baby Red Potatoes (P) – $25.00
  • Roasted Cauliflower and Sweet Onion Kugel (P) – $32.00
  • Old-Fashioned Potato Kugel (P) – $27.00
  • Sweet Matzah Apple Kugel (P) – $29.00 (*gebrochts)
  • Quinoa with Roasted Butternut Squash and Cranberries (P) – $27.00
  • Sweet Potato and Carrot Tzimmes with Dried Prunes (P) – $25.00
  • Charoset (P) – $16.00
  • Desserts:
  • Chef’s Pastry Selection (P) – $38.00 (Chocolate Covered Macaroons, Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cinnamon Rugelach)
  • Chocolate Chiffon Cake (P) – $58.00 (*gebrochts, with Chocolate Ganache Decoration, serves 8)
  • Orange Raspberry Layer Cake (P) – $58.00 (*gebrochts, with whipped cream topping, serves 8)
  • Chocolate Lover’s Flourless Chocolate Cake (P) – $58.00 (serves 8)

Seder To Go Kits from Lakeview Chabad

Location: 615 W Wellington Avenue Chicago, IL 

Order Info: Chabad East Lakeview is partnering with the famed Zelda’s catering in Skokie to bring you the most delicious food for your seder. They have all the seder necessities including Shmurah Matzah, wine/grape juice/kiddush cup/Haggadah and more. Fill out the form for more>>

Orders in the Lakeview area will be available for pickup at chabad community center (615 W. Wellington Ave) or will be delivered to your home on Tuesday April 4 (Pesach begins on Wednesday evening, April 5).

Catering Options:

  • Individual boxed meals packaged in oven proof containers
  • Two Handmade Shmurah Matzos $6
  • Three Handmade Shmurah Matzos $9 This will be enough for 1 seder plate. Order 2 sets for 2 seders.
  • One Pound Handmade Shmurah Matza (regular) $20
  • One Pound Handmade Shmurah Matza (premium) $30
  • Three Oat Matza $30
  • Grape Juice ($8)
  • Rashi Sweet Wine ($8)
  • Other red wines available ($18)
  • You can also order these items for your Seder:
  • A ke’arah placemat (disposable Seder plate)
  • A plastic silver kiddush cup
  • A Hebrew/English annotated Haggadah

Catering choices simplify your Passover holiday

The ChiTribe guide makes finding Passover food in Chicago a breeze, highlighting the city’s finest eateries with delectable Passover-friendly meals. From Steingold’s to Zeitlin’s Delicatessen, Schmaltz & Vinegar, and Zelda’s Kosher options, or a pre-made Seder kit from Chabad of Lakeview, there’s something for everyone. Experience a memorable and hassle-free Passover with the help of ChiTribe’s comprehensive guide to Chicago’s best Passover dining options.

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