Nick Kroll’s 8 Funniest Jewish Jokes

8 Jewish Jokes by Nick Kroll that will make you cry

This year’s Big Event is featuring the fantastic and hilarious Nick Kroll. Nick Kroll will be doing standup at the event exclusive for Jewish Chicago and hosted by YLD on December 16th 2023. Kroll is a talented actor, comedian, and writer, who proudly embraces his Jewish heritage. Jewish jokes and Jewish humor is an integral part of Kroll’s life and identity. Raised in a Jewish household, Kroll often incorporates elements of his cultural background into his comedy, showcasing a deep connection and appreciation for his roots. Kroll’s proud acknowledgment of his Jewish identity serves as an inspiration for many and we can not wait for the show next month. Get your tickets now>>

Big Mouth: The Story of Passover

As Nick Kroll is an executive producer and co-creator of the Netflix hit animated comedy “Big Mouth”, we wanted to start this list with a great story line from the show. Kroll is a writer who voices over 40 different roles throughout the Big Mouth series and spin-off Human Resources.

“What is this Seder thing again,” Nick asks Andrew, “Nikola you don’t know? I’m kidding it’s just this long boring dinner with my angry grandpa and lame cousin Sheryl.”  

Big Mouth, Season 3 Episode 5

Roast of James Franco

Nick Kroll’s standup at the Roast of James Franco is one of his greatest Jewish moments on stage. Many of his fellow roasters are also members of the tribe so Kroll decides to answer if Jews do in fact control the media “because we are really good at it”.

We got a lot of Jews on stage here tonight. You know, people say Jews control the media…and we do. You know why? Because we are really good at it.

Nick Kroll, The Roast of James Franco

Many of you might not know this but Seth Rogen has a writing and directing partner named Evan Goldberg. What does this other guy look like that you’re the face of the operation?
I assume he’s like a sweaty Orthodox Jew eating a pastrami sandwich….

Nick Kroll, The Roast of James Franco

Little Big Boy: Netflix Special

In September of 2022, Nick Kroll released a Netflix special called Little Big Boy and really showcased his Jewish comedy. He jokes about his addiction to snacks, and the general failings of his body, from eczema to lactose intolerance. Many Jews have stomach issues and this is a very relatable bit between Nick and himself, where his inner self sounds like British celebrity Jason Statham.

And then you walk out of the pharmacy and you forgot your eczema creams. Get the F out of here, you red, rashy, pathetic, semitic nobody. And then I look in the mirror and I’m like let’s start the day!

Nick Kroll, Little Big Boy Netflix Special

Jewish Moms Bit

In this next joke from the Little Big Boy Special, Kroll jokes about channeling his inner Jewish mom and telling all the viewers who have moms to text and call them.

Okay here’s an impression of every single one of you getting a phone call from your mother. Okay, here it goes..


Nick Kroll, Little Big Boy Netflix Special

Kanye West at Synagogue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On November 3, 2022 Nick Kroll was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! When asked which musician Kroll would most want a birthday surprise, he jokingly suggests Kanye West. This was shortly after Kanye’s antisemitic remarks went viral. In the following video at 5:24, Jimmy and Nick pretend to have an aside about why Kanye might not be the right choice anymore.

Kroll: …Kanye… West… He’s like my favorite musical artist.
Kimmel: Right well yeah I mean yeah maybe yes even now still…
Kroll: Why what happened… What did I miss?
*the two begin whispering about Kanye*
 Kroll: He’s going to Israel, Okay! I think it’s gonna be weird seeing him at synagogue

Jimmy Kimmel Live, November 3, 2023

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll in Oh, Hello

Did you know about the Off-Broadway show starring John Mulaney and Nick Kroll? In this hilarious comedy show, Mulaney and Kroll star as Gil Faison and George St. Geegland, pretending to be old men with very strong New York accents.

You know when you get to the bottom of a tub of hummus. And you cant’t fit your carrot in there, so you gotta use your fingies to scoop it out?.. Bam! That’s us, baby!
I look like if Steven Spielberg hadn’t made any money.

Thank You Very Cool: Comedy Central Special

Released in 2011, Nick Kroll blows combines hilarious standup material with unbelievably funny short films. This special also featured appearances from his infamous characters Fabrice Fabrice, Bobby Bottleservice, El Chupacabra and Oh, Hello. Our favorite Jewish joke from this special is also about stomach issues and this time at the DMV. We all can relate to a midnight snack of dairy and meat gone incredibly wrong.

My favorite thing about the DMV is that I feel entirely comfortably farting there…I was standing in line and I just crop dusted the whole area behind me. Like the night before I had eaten a tuna orea parmesan and then I had a bunch of shots of rail vodka. Came home and was like what’s a nice midnight snack, Brisket and Yogurt.

8:51, Thank You Very Cool: Comedy Central Special

Nick Kroll, with his sharp wit and relatable humor, offers a unique glimpse into his Jewish heritage through his comedy. Each joke, whether it’s about a Seder dinner or a humorous take on being a part of the “Jewish media elite,” is delivered with a blend of affection and self-awareness. Kroll’s ability to weave his cultural identity into his humor not only enriches his comedic style but also resonates with a broader audience. We can not wait to see Nick Kroll live at the Big Event hosted by YLD this December 16th 2023. Get your tickets now!

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