ChiTribe Business of the Month zaftig creative with Sarah Cohn

Zaftig Creative ChiTribe Business of the Month

Introducing Sarah Cohn of zaftig creative

Meet Sarah Cohn, creator and owner at zaftig creative. Zaftig combines Jewish tradition, humor, and artistry into all of their products. Sarah Cohn has truly established a platform where art meets heart, reminding us all of the deep-rooted connections we share. As she aptly puts it, “When the Tribe Gathers…we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. As ChiTribe’s Business of the Month, we are thrilled to introduce you to the driving force behind the brand and uncover the story of how her passion for Jewish art was born.

Where are you from? 

New Paltz, NY in the Hudson Valley

What did you do Jewish growing up?

I was one of those kids who actually liked Hebrew School. So much so that I taught all through High School!

What do you do for fun?

Hang out with my dog, Delilah, play mahjong, read smut, and doomscroll Tiktok

Zaftig Creative ChiTribe Business of the Month

When did you start your business?

December of 2022…so fun to think I’m coming up on one year

Tell us everything about your business!

I am located in Raleigh, NC, and just converted a room in my house to business operations! I have attended some of the local Jewish craft fairs (which believe it or not is a thing in North Carolina), but primarily sell online.

How did you get into creating Jewish stickers and Jewish art in general? 

I have a background doing some brand development and graphic design, and it’s something I really missed from my days as an on-campus Hillel professional. Zaftig has been a great way to flex my creative muscles. My neuro-spicy brain loves having lots of novelty and passions.

Zaftig Creative ChiTribe Business of the Month

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

All over the place! My phone is full of pictures and screenshots. But sometimes I just have those “middle of the night” thoughts and know I have to act on them.

What products/services does your business offer?

What’s fun about Zaftig is that we can be simultaneously serious and irreverent. We make intricate Judaica papercuts, challah covers and custom gifts, and also snarky stickers and cards. We’ve been branching out into cards, postcards, and we’re launching a line of “Jewish Boat Totes.” But we’re probably best known for our Barbie-inspired stickers and totes right now.

What are your goals for your business? 

Truthfully? To have fun. It’s not the “smartest” goal per se, as I’m less focused on ROI and more focused on sharing Jewish joy.

Zaftig Creative ChiTribe Business of the Month

How do we order your products? 

On my website! But people also just message me on Facebook and Instagram as well @zaftigcreative.

When the Tribe Gathers…We’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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