The 19th Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema ChiTribe

The All-Israeli Film Experience in this Unprecedented Year: April 4-14, 2024

The Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema is one of only ten all-Israeli programs in all of
North America. The festival screens a mix of award-winning films of different subject
matters and genres to spread a love and appreciation of contemporary Israeli culture
through the magic of film. The goal of festival is to show Israel and Israelis in an authentic light. The films we screen keep our viewers current on events and trends in Israel. These exceptional
films, events, and guest speakers are the perfect entry point to discussion, understanding
and further exploration of the dynamic state that is Israel.

ChiTribe Meet Up at the Movies

Join ChiTribe in the Burbs for “Call Me Dancer” at the Glen on April 7th. Meet Manish, a Mumbai street artist, and his connection with an Israeli ballet master, with Manish himself in attendance in Chicago! Secure your tickets for an unforgettable day of dance, storytelling, and community. Register Now>>

Join ChiTribe in the city for “Elik & Jimmy” at Landmark Century on Clark on April 10th. Enjoy a heartwarming dramedy about destiny and love during the last hours of military service, followed by a social meetup. Register Now>>

Join ChiTribe 30s and 40s for “Generation 1.5” at the Glen on April 13. This film is all about those who were born in the USSR and immigrated to Israel as children or teenagers in late 80s and early 90s. Register Now>>

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema chitribe

April 4, 2024

Join the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema on their opening night! The night kicks off with with Israel Repair Fair and will be followed by the Chicago Premiere of Ayelet Menahemi’s Seven Blessings. Order tickets before they sell out!

April 6, 2024

The Monkey House

April 7, 2024


Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre

Call Me Dancer

Call Me Dancer Meet Up with ChiTribe at the Glen

ChiTribe in the Burbs is doing a meet up at the movies for “Call Me Dancer”. Join ChiTribe by registering with this form and then buying your ticket!

June Zero

April 10, 2024

Elik & Jimmy

April 13, 2024

Generation 1.5

Running on Sand

April 14, 2024

Children of Nobody

Back in Berlin

My Daughter My Love

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