500 Bar Mitzvahs: From Dancer to Owner

Vibe ChiTribe Arianna Rozen

Jewish Person of the Week Arianna Rozen Tells ChiTribe about “Entertainment That Fits Your Vibe”

From being a dancer to becoming an owner, I learned how to be a boss. -Arianna


Vibe ChiTribe Arianna Rozen

Being a Good Boss Means Good Vibes.  

Perform at the Highest Level.

Because we’re so passionate about what we do, it’s important that we deliver incredible and memorable events. We want anyone that books us to trust that our team of professionals will take care of them throughout the entire process from booking the event up to the final song of the party.

Give off Positive Vibes to Clients and Staff

We promote nothing but good vibes and want everyone we work with to feel that.

Bring something fresh to the industry

It all starts with a drive to be great. Our energy and drive to aim to captivate the guests the entire night.

Starting a company can be scary at first, but you can do it.

It was nerve wracking because there are so many DJ companies out there.  But with the help of my co-owner Flo, we were ready to make it happen.


Arianna Rozen Vibe ChiTribe


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Vibe Dance & Entertainment combines our passion for entertainment, dance, music, and lighting all in one. Based out of Chicago, Vibe specializes in Bar/Bat mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, birthdays, school functions & other social events.  

(312) 754-VIBE

Email: info@partywithvibe.com

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