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Despite mandatory social distancing, Jewish dating is alive and well in Chicago. This dating option is off the apps, Love is Blind inspired and completely kosher for quarantine. Have you signed up for Quarantine Bae yet?

We asked ourselves how we could do this differently and what would our ideal model look like for something that is part quarantine, part Love is Blind, and part traditional Yente matchmaking…so, we made Quarantine Bae Chicago

Stef Groner

The Quaranqueens and the Baemakers spent their first week of social-distancing coordinating for Chicago Millennials all over the phone. Inspired by “Love is Blind in Quarantine”, an NYC based matchmaking effort for Instagram TV, Quaranqueens Stef Groner, and Rebecca Coven decided to launch Quarantine Bae. Their goal is to come from a place of kindness, warmth and fun while also addressing the reality: you cannot date normally right now.


In the past week, Quarantine Bae has reached hundreds of ‘Baes’ and already, there are success stories. Led by Stef and Rebecca, the growing team has created a process to curate and coordinate matches quickly. Quarantine Bae uses conferencing services to get singles off apps and talking directly. While the target demographic is 25-36, there have been matches older and younger, too. The pool of Baes covers neighborhoods across Chicago and is friendly to the queer-identifying community.

While this is not an exclusively Jewish matchmaking service, the team emphasizes that the Tribe’s presence is strong due to some personal network outreach. This creative matchmaking service is truly open to all of Chicago — the Quaranqueens encourage partnered people to fill the form out for single friends (with consent).

Chicago is our community and we built this with ourselves in mind, thinking through how we want to see dating advance during this time. Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation and there will be life after quarantine. We want to enable people to connect for the situation we are in now — while creating a really intentional dating community for what’s to come.

Stef Groner

In addition to creating matches, Quarantine Bae also provides resources like their “Guide to a Steller First Phone Date”.”. During this crazy pandemic time, the team explains that the worst-case scenario is two people talk on the phone and the best-case scenario is two people end up in eternal love. What do you have to lose?


If social distancing has got you feeling lonely and down, this form takes less than 5 minutes and is fewer than 10 questions. Inspired by the couples on the show “Love is Blind”, there are various dating models you can choose from looking for eternal love to just bored and looking to have fun.

Step 1: Fill out the form
Step 2: Baemakers review and make as many matches as capacity allows
Step 3: The Baemaker hotline texts you when you have a match. Then, your Baemaker schedules your 30 minute Virtual Date with a calendar invite to your email with details.
Step 4: You call in at your date time and chat up your match.
Step 5: If both Baes on the Date are happy and want to connect again, the Baemakers will swap contact information — and you can socially distance at your own speed. Share the link with your single friends: https://bit.ly/QuarantineBae

While we shelter in place, with a lot of free time, phone call and FaceTime dates are the best socially-responsible way to pass the time.


On a daily basis, new matches are curated and sent out by the Quaran-QUEENS and BAE-Makers. Once you submit your form, you are added to the pool. Since this is a growing effort, you will likely receive a match over the next couple of weeks – maybe even within a few days!

While working fulltime from home, the Quaranqueens Stef and Rebecca are motivated to change the narrative around “an otherwise bleak era for dating.” 

If you are interested in getting involved, email quarantinebaechi@gmail.com.

Quarantine Bae was created by Jewish women in Chicago to make this quarantine season less lonely. Shout out to Stef and Rebecca for making a crazy idea into reality in one week. Mazal Tov! Fill out your form now and wait for Yente to text you!

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Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca Schwab

Rebecca creates best practices and executes marketing campaigns for Jewish organizations who are trying to reach the next generation of the Jewish community - specifically Millennials and Gen Z - through digital marketing, social media, online and in-person events.