Top Resources for Virtual Quarantine Passover 2020

Institute for Jewish Spirituality

How can we access the deeper meaning of Passover so that the holiday can sustain and uplift us, especially during these challenging times? These Jewish mindfulness resources will enhance your preparation for the holiday, deepen your experience of the seder, and help you move from a state of constriction to greater freedom in your body, mind, and spirit. Beginners are welcome. Learn more>>

Moishe House International

Searching for a guide or how-to for Passover during Quarantine 2020? Looking for virtual hosting tips? No matter what support you need on rituals, inclusivity and beyond, you’re in the right place with Moishe House! Learn more>>

Base Loop Hillel

Please join Rav Ezra and Laura’s seder! Follow along with this video for a fun seder experience. We are doing our best this year to bring our home to you! Rav Ezra is the Rabbi of Silverstein Base Hillel: Loop. Laura is the Senior Educator of Silverstein Base Hillel: Loop. Click for more>>

18 Doors

Passover will look different this year, and we’re here to support you. We have tools to prepare for celebrating the holiday while quarantined and we’re in this together. Find resources for interfaith families and support during Quarantine. Learn more>>


chitribe jewbelong seder 2020

Passover offers countless ways to celebrate freedom and think about the future… and it’s observed at home. No wonder it’s the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday! First, let’s get the terms straight… Passover is the name of the eight-day holiday. The Seder is like a fantastic dinner party, with delicious food and thought-provoking conversation built in (not to mention plenty of singing and wine). The Haggadah is the guidebook, kind of like a script, for the Seder. Learn more>>


For many, the idea of celebrating Passover virtually, or with only your housemates, is anathema to everything the Seder represents: performance, participation, peoplehood. Don’t these things require an IRL experience? This year, the answer is no. Meaning can be made virtually and in small groups with the right intention and the right tools. If you’re celebrating solo, with your partner or roomies, or in a virtual space, your dinner needs to be posted by Wednesday, April 1st at midnight, and you’ll be Nourished based on the number of guests you have signed up through OneTable by Friday, April 3rd for any of the three possible dinner dates — 4/8, 4/9 (the first two nights of Passover), or 4/10 (Shabbat). Raise your glass and tell your story. We’ve pulled together easy ways to make your Seder or Passover Shabbat a night to truly savor. Learn more on OneTable>>

Jewish Live

Digital Passover Resources for This Year or Any Year Click on the logos below to explore a variety of digital resources published by these Jewish organizations designed to help you create meaningful Passover seders every year. If your organization has created a page that you would like to see listed here, or if you have seen other resources, please email us at so that we can add them. Learn more>>

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