Chicago Passover 2020 Guide

ChiTribe Passover Guide

Passover 2020 is here and Chicago is, well Chicago is probably not ready for it. Is anyone ready for Quarantine Seders 2020? This year is different than all other years, but seders are happening virtually and nationally. Find all the information to celebrate Passover in Quarantine in Chicago 2020.

When is Passover 2020?

Passover 202o begins Wednesday April 8th and 9th. After two nights of Seders, the holiday continues for the next week.

When does Passover 2020 end?

Passover 2020 ends Thursday April 16th 2020.

Passover Food (INSTACART!)

Passover Shopping Click for the list>> 
Where to Buy Matzo Click for the list>>
Where to Order from Click for the list>>
Kitniyot?! Click to read more>>
Keep Healthy Click to read more>>

The Seder 101

Seder: How to Seder Click to read more>>
Four Cups of Wine  Click to read more>>
Four Questions of Creativity Click to read more>>
Four Questions of Business Click to read more>>

Passover Events in Chicago 2020


Do not spend Passover alone (virtually). There are a ton of Passover Events in Chicago to distract you from Corona and the 11th Plague. 

Kitniyot are Kosher 2020

Don’t gain the CORONA 19! Stay healthy and stay inside this Passover 2020. While in self-isolation and during this stressful time, it can also be hard to eat right. Jake Dermer from has some tips on eating healthy during Passover.

Need a Drink this Passover?

Also, wine, don’t forget about wine. You are supposed to drink 4 cups but Jaclyn Nagel has some advice on drinking wine during Passover that will make you the hit of your seder. If you bring wine, you know there will be enough. 

COVID-19 Passover

COVID-19 Passover