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Chicago Passover 2019 Guide

ChiTribe Passover Guide

Passover 2019 is here and Chicago is, well Chicago is probably not ready for it. Get ready for lines at The Jewel, last minute RSVP’s for Seder and endless chocolate matzah.¬†

When is Passover 2019?

Passover 2019 begins Friday April 19th and 20th. After two nights of Seders, the holiday continues for the next week.

When does Passover 2019 end?

Passover 2019 ends Saturday April 27th 2019


Where To Buy Passover Products You Need In 2019

Honestly, you can buy Kosher for Passover food a lot of places in Chicago. Costco, Walmart, Jewel-Osco, Mariano’s, and Whole Foods. Click the link to see more details and plan your trip, or get ready to hit up InstaCart.

Be careful when you are shopping, some traditions allow Kitniyot, but some people still don’t eat it. Learn more from Rabbi David Russo and figure out which one you are before you go shopping.¬†

Rabbi Jeff Stombaugh has your back with some epic Passover pro-tips for Passover beginners and experts. 

Once you decide what you can eat, it can also be hard to eat right. Jake Dermer from www.doitatyourdesk.com has some tips on eating healthy during Passover.

Also, wine, don’t forget about wine. You are supposed to drink 4 cups but Jaclyn Nagel has some advice on drinking wine during Passover that will make you the hit of your seder. If you bring wine, you know there will be enough.¬†

passover guide chitribe

Passover Shopping Click for the list>> 
Where to Buy Matzo Click for the list>>
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Kitniyot?! Click to read more>>
Keep Healthy Click to read more>>

passover guide chitribe

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Passover Events in Chicago

While you may think that two seders in one week may be enough, there are a ton of Passover Events in Chicago to keep your mind of that sweet-sweet deep dish pizza waiting for you on the other side.

Pre-Passover Events:

Seder Summit

Passover lunch n’ learn at Mesirow Financial

Escape from Egypt

Interfaith Passover Seder


Beyond the Passover Basics

Passover Seder Night 1

Passover Seder with Russian Moishe House

Second Night Seder by the Workman’s Circle

Lakeview Pesach Seder(s)

Communal Passover Seder!

The Seder at the Sofitel

Passover Chol HaMoed

Global, Social Justice Passover Seder: Night 3!

2019 Pesach Liberation Seder With Chicago Dyke March

Make Your Own Matzah Pizza and Board Game Night

Passover Pizza Party!

CCJ PASSOVER 2019/5779

Shabbat Morning Minyan and Kiddush

Break the Bread-Fast

Makom Passover Break-Fast

Post-Passover Bagel Brunch

Resisting Spatial Violence: A Passover Film Screening

Makom Passover Break-Fast



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