Author: Rebecca Schwab
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How to Survive the Horah

How to Survive the Horah – Jewish Fitness for Wedding Season We all know that moment when you are dancing the Horah and the chairs come out, if you are a man in the prime of your life you are

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The ChiTribe Pitch 2.0

The ChiTribe Pitch 2.0 at “Bringing Your Vision to Life” Pitching by: Rebecca Joey Schwab ChiTribe Executive Director Rebecca Joey Schwab presents for an evening of networking, community & celebration! Brought to you by Community Connect and Becky Adelberg   

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Jewish American Puppies of ChiTribe

Jewish American Puppies of ChiTribe: My Dog can Kvetch and Fetch! Email us your Jewish pet pics so we can share them with the world.    Chicago Natives “Toby” Toblarone is a Shih tzu mix rescue who lives in Chicago  Meet

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Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Kadi House

Let’s Meet Jewish Person of the Week – Kadi House Kadi is the newest member of Listen Up! A Cappella Kadi joins Chicago’s, “uniquely compelling Jewish Vocal Band,” lending her powerful alto voice to the quartet. Together with Freddie Feldman,