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chitribe purim guide chicago 2020

Purim Guide 2020 Chicago Edition

When is Purim 2020? Purim 2020 begins Monday, March 9th at sunset and ends Tuesday, March 10th at nightfall THURSDAY MARCH 5 FRIDAY MARCH 6 SATURDAY MARCH 7 MONDAY MARCH 8 MONDAY MARCH 9 MONDAY MARCH 10 THURSDAY MARCH 12

shticky situation chitribe

Shticky Situation the Erev V-Day Comedy Show for the Tribe

This past February 13th included some very funny Jews with an abundance of snacks and desserts and booze. In case you missed out on the chance to hear about ORT’s impact around the world and how to get involved locally CLICK HERE. More Jewish comedy coming your way, stay tuned!

tu bshvat chitribe 2020

Tu B’Shvat Guide Chicago 2020

All of the Tu B’Shvat opportunities in Chicago in one place. Tu B’Shvat is the 15th day of the month of Shvat. When is Tu B’Shvat 2020? Tu B’Shvat is February 9th, 2020. February 6 February 9 February 13 Find

shabbat clusters january edition chitribe

January Shabbat Clusters

Gold Coast Twenty-Somethings Cluster Shabbat Cluster Coordinator: Jojo Rubnitz, Hannah Weitzel, and Sam Melton Gold Coast 30ish Cluster Shabbat Cluster Coordinator: Sarah Langer Lakeview Twenty-Somethings Cluster Shabbat Cluster Coordinator: Phoebe Skowronski Lakeview 30ish Shabbat Cluster Shabbat Cluster Coordinator: Nadav Alkoby