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Sukkot 2019 Events in Chicago

chitribe sukkot 2019

Sukkot 2019 Events in Chicago

Sukkot 2019 begins in the evening of Sunday, October 13th and ends in the evening of Sunday, October 20th

There are so many Sukkot events happening all around Chicago. #FindYourSukkah

Salesforce Celebrates Sukkot in Chicago

Chicago Restaurants with a CRC and a Sukkah

October 12

Pizza in the Hut – Sukkah Building Party

October 13

RJD Sukkot Family Celebration

MCH Bringing in Sukkot with Base Lincoln Park

Young Professional Sukkot Dinner

Sukkot Dinner for Grads, Alumni, & West Loop Friends

October 14

Justice Shall Dwell in the Garden: A Sukkot Celebration

October 16

Logan Square Community Sukka

The Jewish Burning Man? Exploring the Radical Nature of Sukkot

Death Over Drinks & Dessert- JE: Sukkot Edition

Sipping and (text) Studying in the Sukkah with Avodah Chicago

October 17

Experience the Sukkah as a Chuppah!

S’mores and more in the Sukkah

October 18

YP Sukkot Burger Bar

MCH Sukkot Shabbat Dinner

October 19

Shabbat Morning Minyan and Kiddush: Sukkot Edition

Mutt in the Hut Sponsored by Makom

Sukkot off the 606

Havdalah and S’mores in the Sukkah

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Sukkot October–20, 2019 

Shmini Atzeret October 21, 2019

Simchat Torah October 22, 2019