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The Chicago Channukah Scone

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Meet The Scone Gnomes: Jeremie and Tiffany

Forgot jelly donuts, hannukah scones are the move. Buttery flakey white chocolate goodness…You need to try them. The gnomes are hard at work filling orders and including a special Channukah option. 

These locally made holiday scones  are brought to us by ChiTribe contributor Jeremie Lappe. ‘Tis the season, and Hannukah scones on the menu too! Thank gnoes for including us in all the cheer. 

scone gnomes chitribe

All products are handmade including the packaging! Frozen scone dough, straight from the freezer to your oven. No one will know it’s not homemade! Order these frozen scones and bake ‘em hot and fresh in your oven.

scone gnomes chitribe

Take a look at the menu and email your orders to thesconegnomes@gmail.com

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